Sunday, July 17, 2011

Why Having An Overactive Imagination Is Kind of A Problem

There are things to be said about having an imagination that constantly overuses and outdoes itself. Yeah, sure, there are good things like being able to write amazing crazy stories and think up crazy answers to the questions kids might ask you about life just to spice things up, or you come up with a crazy explanation for the cottony fluff floating from the sky with your brother (it's from trolls that eat snow and spit out fluff after they boil it in a magic pot, or something like that).

But there are also problems with living with an overactive imagination when you want to, you know, LIVE A NORMAL LIFE. Here are some problems I've encountered:


Like, when your French teacher tells you that there's a subway in the basement of your school, you kind of believe her because you can actually imagine a subway rumbling through the basement of your school. Or you believe things your dad tells you when trying to trick you, and then you are destined to be endlessly made fun of by your brother and dad.


Apparently, characterizing everything from individual numbers, to individual letters, to your contact lenses... (WHAT NO I DON'T DO THIS... *ahem*) is not the kind of thing a normal person does. But come on, you can't argue that the number nine is pompous, right?


I was sitting drinking my orange juice while watching the little one-year-old I was babysitting stab at his oatmeal, and take forever to snag ONE OAT on his spoon and then proceed to suck it off his spoon. (If he kept at it like this, it was going to take forever until his oatmeal was gone). It was all good until he started coughing. *IMAGINATION TAKEOVER*: "OH NO WHAT IF HE STARTS CHOKING AND I CAN'T DO CPR AND I HAVE TO CALL 911 AND THEN HE HAS TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL HIS PARENTS WILL KILL ME AND FIRE ME AND I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO BABYSIT AGAIN *deep breath*... oh. He's laughing. Um. Yeah."


House: Creak.
Me: whatwasthat.
House: CREAK!
Me: It's a robber, it MUST be a robber. He's going to come in the house and point a gun at my face, and I will have to lunge for the phone while kicking him in the face no wait I can't do that I've never taken any martial arts he'll probably kill me instead WHY ARE ALL THE LIGHTS OFF!?!? The robber's here and he's cut the power!! AUGH!!

No, I don't need to see a therapist. Why?

How does your imagination react to things in your life?? Seriously, I can't be the only one who thinks like this.


  1. First of all, that artwork is amazing. Did you draw it?

    And second, I basically identified to EVERYTHING on this list. Especially characterizing (or I call it personifying) EVERYTHING. I get sad when I throw away contacts. And I've totally gone through the "What would I do if he started choking? I'd have to call 911 and then...." LOL!

    This is awesome.

  2. I thought it was just me. Your house has imaginary robbers too? :]

  3. People "break in" to my house all the time! :P I didn't think of myself as having an overactive imagination, but now that you mention it, I guess I do.

    I'm also really paranoid whenever I'm walking or riding my bike alone somewhere. I even work out how I would get away if someone tried to kidnap me. :) I do the characterization thing, too, especially with books for some reason.

  4. Okay, you guys are seriously making me feel normal.

    Brittany, not only do we have the same name (which is really cool by the way), but we're both paranoid. I do that too! I'll go jogging by myself and my mind will start to think up all kinds of crazy getaway plans for if I get kidnapped.

    Needless to say, I get a better workout when I run with a partner.

  5. Lizzy: I can perssonally say NO! She did not. I have seen her artwork. :D (luv ya Gracie!)

    And also, Gracie. YOU NAMED YOUR CONTACT LENSES TOO??? Oh dear.

    And also. I remember the subway! Especially what you said about Fung's reaction... haha!

    And also: I forgot what I meant to say with this comment....

  6. I have been corrected. Gracie did not name her contact lenses. She characterized them. I apologize for any confusion.

  7. I LOVE YOU GUYS. Seriously. You are amazing.

    @Lizzy: No, I didn't draw it... see, I sourced it with a link under the caption!! As Emily says very tactfully (ahem), I am a terrible drawer.

    @Brittany&Brittany: That's so cool that you guys make up escapes for if you get kidnapped! See, this is why we are writers... haha. :D

    You guys are amazing, again! Thanks for commenting!!

  8. Brittany: Haha, I kind of think that since I work out all these escape plans, and since I'm so paranoid, the odds are that nothing bad will ever happen to me, and all the bad things will happen to people who aren't as "prepared" as I am.

    Also, I'm pretty sure there's a scene where the MC or her friend gets kidnapped by the antagonist's henchmen in every novel I've written. :P

  9. Heeheehee, you forgot something with the first one: overactive imagination = more likely to believe whatever people tell you, but it also makes you really really really good at making stuff up that people will believe. Just ask my brother ;)

  10. LOL! I can so relate to your overactive imagination! Just call me Gullible, and those robbers breaking into the house! I never outgrew my overactive imagination. Sometimes I scare myself with story ideas or what I write. I don't think I characterize things, though, unless you count throwing out articles of clothing because more than once something bad happened while wearing them. Then there's the good-vibe outfits that I never want to get rid of! What a fun post!

  11. its lovely you really do have something XD
    when i read this something hit home to me and reminded me that normal is what you make it thanks...

  12. Sorry I can't give my name. I don't have an account.

    My name is Melissa Grenier and my email is That's not my husband's email it's mine even though the names don't match. It would be a bit weird nowadays if it were my husband's because I'm only 19.

    Anyway, I had a very embarassing moment at the cottage recently with my overactive imagination. I shared a room with my friend Nicole and I woke up at the same time that she was getting up to go to the bathroom. I called her name and she didn't answer me.

    Immediately I started thinking of several possibilities.

    I reached the conclusion that she was probably sleep walking but maybe, just maybe, she was possessed.

    Either way I imagined her coming back and possibly attacking me.

    I decided to be safe but not jump to conclusions.

    I waited in my bed with a hairdryer in my hand in case she did threaten me until I could see she was okay.

    As soon as she walked back in the room I could tell she was okay and I was relieved but also extremely embarassed.

    I looked like some kind of paranoid survivalist sitting in a hut with a shotgun.

    That's the most recent example and among the more extreme ones too. Normally I just look eccentric when I space out and stop dead in my tracks or make hand gestures during an imagined conversation.

    That sums up the trouble I've had with it.

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  14. My imagination is worse than all of yours .... Once I chased a man down the street with a cleaver because I thought he was trying to steal my script for a play I was going at school .... He was only there to do the plumbing !!!... I also do the personify thing

  15. Yeah..especially the robber thing xD


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