Wednesday, September 28, 2016

More of My Embarassing Childhood Writing

I did this a while ago, but I am going through stuff in my room, and that includes a giant stack of notebooks so... time to go through some of my old childhood writings again and have a good chuckle.

Sesame Street notebook. Age 11 or 12.

"Susie opened her eyes, looking around the new world. Then she closed her eyelids, already tired of the new scenery. Mommy smiled, and closed her eyes as Susie had." [So much eye closing!!]

Or how about this tagline: "Susie's life is perfect.... until kindergarten!"

Some random notes...

"Mud War 
- about a mud war...
Pain of ten thousand Men
-more to come"

Selections from a temporary journal. 2008 (age 14)

March 31st. "Jeepers, [my brother] needs to get a life. All he does is video games and soccer... I wish he'd think of something else to do or at least Mom and Dad make a limit for him because he does it non-stop, he's been so boring ever since grade six. What happened to my fun brother? Oh well. I'll live."

Still March 31st. "Oh, I'm going. [My brother] left. [My sister]'s dancing. Everyone seems to be wanting to occupy the washroom. This is boring. Who would want to read this?" [I was really bored that day, apparently.]

Kitty Dream Journal. Age 12 or 13. 

A story titled "The Reign of Birthstones". "A snow queen had settled in our land! She claimed it for her own, and captured trolls for comrades! 'Emerald, should we do something about the Snow Queen?' Topaz asked. 'I guess we must. I heard of a young healer, Turquoise. Her magic abilitys may be of help,' I said. Just our luck, Turquoise had been coming to the Country daily, so we had a chance to speak to her. She was a rumor, at first. She was merely just our greenhouse gardner!" [I'm so confused.]

Notebook with dog on the front, along with "MUFFLER" written in pencil on the front. Age 11. 

"About the author: Alyssa loves writing and crafts. She is eleven and has no idea how she thought of writing this book. This is a part re-written version of Muffler. Alyssa usually does not write stories about animals." [A+ bio, little Alyssa.]

"Chapter One: Wishing. I raised my head high and let the wind play around in my fur. This flat plain was quiet. Very quiet. Almost, too quiet. Crickets chirped, bees buzzed the wind whispered and the grass swayed, making the flat plain more lively. I twisted my head, searching for trees to hide under, out of the hot sun. I looked back to the city, bright with lights. That's where I would be sleeping tonight, like always. Might as well head toward. So I trotted towards the clump of pollution, garbage and unwanted pets."

Note on the inside cover: "'Muffler' is cancelled.'"

Weird velvet notebook with embossed flower on it [who gives a notebook like this to a fifth grader!?] Age 10. 

"I wish I lived in a mansion. This is how I would want to be... Ding Dong! The doorbell rang. Probaly just another annoying boy. thought Jordyn. All the girls in Mrs. Steaurts class [Mrs. Steaurt was my grade 5 teacher], including Mrs. Steart live in a mansion. The girl's families also lived in the mansion. Each family had a nice-sized house-room in the mansion. The rule of the mansion was if there was a annoying boy or man they would give a punishment then put him in the "Annoying Servants" room."

Another scene:

"'A maze? sinch. locked in cupboards? Have a paper clip with you. Covered in duck tape? Rip it off,' said the new boy. 'DON'T' yelled the boys. 'Why not?' asked the new boy. The boys looked at each other. 'The glowing ring,' they whispered."

[Oh man, this story is hilarious - it is about my fifth grade class living in a mansion and torturing all the boys in my class. I don't think I liked the boys in my class very much...]

Well, those are just a few of some old writings of mine. Maybe now you can understand better  Why I'm Glad I Wasn't A Teen Author ;).

What do you think is the funniest line of some of my old writings? What is the most ridiculous thing you wrote when you were younger?


  1. KID!ALYSSA WERE SO CUTE. I laughed hard at "Muffler is cancelled" XD

  2. These are adorable. Omg.

    When I was a kid I wrote stories about cats having adventures and evil school nurses who force-fed carrots to children.


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