How to summarize oneself, is the question.

My story:

Seven years ago, a naïve, energetic young 15-year-old named Alyssa decided to get involved in the writing community by creating a blog under the penname Gracie. That was me. 

Cut to seven years later, and I'm a bit less excitable and tween girl-y (I hope), and know a lot more about this wonderful online writing and reading community. 

Me and my "lion", Calypso.

I'm a huge supporter of diversity in lit, in character and setting, and I am always on the lookout for Canadian authors, unique settings, and diverse characters. I hoard books about characters with disabilities. I think it is necessary to acknowledge subjectivity when reviewing. I think book reviews should be a way of encouraging other people to read a book. Book reviews should never discourage someone from reading a book. Sharing about books is important, because it is a freaking awesome and fairly easy way to support authors, whom I love. I also hope to be one someday.

Good books for me have good characters, which is why I love Harry Potter, The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater and MELINA MARCHETTA (among others; read blog for more).

I will scream about Melina Marchetta until you devour her books and appreciate her for everything that she can do. (Also Megan Whalen Turner).

I am okay with people not loving all the books I do (even if I die a little inside with disappointment (maybe)).

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Talk books with me!

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