Friday, June 3, 2011

Without A Life, There'd Be Nothing to Write

Have you ever heard the saying "you've got to live it to write it"? Yeah, well, it's true. Think for a second. If you did nothing but write... WHAT WOULD YOU WRITE ABOUT?

When I try to answer that question, I sputter for a bit and go... well... I could... um... write about... writing... um... YEAH FINE I wouldn't be able to write, okay!

Sometimes we forget amid all those rules and advice about plot character backstory hooks queries genres focus write every day read review don't listen to reviews betas alphas omegas beginning middle end climax denouement words paragraphs sentences punctuation dystopian ya contemporary middle grade childrens fantasy historical metaphors similies agents publishers submissions rejections (oh no rejections) plotting pantsing structure cliffhangers blurbs promotion publicity blogs cliches bad books good books criticism BOOKS writing more writing writer's block writers critique partners conferences pitches social networking twitterfacebookbloggertumblr research outlining more reading revising rewriting editing deadlines alivelines contests submission guidelines synopsis chapters formatting voice stories ideas inspiration write what you know write what you don't know all those stupid writing cliches audiobooks ereaders hardcover softcover self-worth never give up authors publishers ARCs book trailer movie deals for books and (*your brain continues to crank out writing-related words here*)

We forget LIFE. That to do all that stuff up there, we've got to live and see stuff and be adventurers. The other day I read a post by Beth Revis about advice for teenagers, and the advice I loved the most was when she said if you ever have a choice between an adventure and writing, go on the adventure. :)

Yeah so I was thinking about all this when I went for a bike ride with my mom the other day and we passed two guys who looked similar but didn't look like brothers that both had red beards and I wondered if I could fit them in a story because they seemed interesting.

That is all!

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