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21 Minus Blog Tour!!!

UPDATE: Finally have the official rules! Go here to fill out the form to win AWESOME PRIZES!!! :)

Hey, everyone! Guess what? 21 Minus starts TODAY!! :)

Here is a description of 21 Minus by Anna Waggener, the organizer of this awesome blog tour:

21 Minus is my attempt to bring together a group of fantastic young writers, all aged twenty-one or younger, and let them tell their stories via questions asked by their peers.  It will also feature some great giveaways (including an ARC of GRIM!) and should be lots of fun all the way around.

Now I am going to interview a young writer and let them tell their story... I am interviewing Mariah Irvin. You can find her blog here. This was a different kind of interview for me to do, because we didn't actually have direct contact with the interviewee - all the interviews were done through Anna, so it was all very secret... but that makes it fun! Anyway, on to the questions.

Mariah's blog header. Isn't it cute?
 What is the main reason you read? What is the main reason you write?

I can answer both parts of the question at once: because it makes me happy. They're both a huge part of my life and one without the other feels almost unnatural to me. I read to be a better writer and I write to be a better reader.

If you've moved away from reading YA, why? If you haven't, why not?

I read literature to switch things up sometimes. YA writing can be so emotional and engrossing I can walk away feeling completely drained, which, in a way, I love. There's nothing like YA, I love it and that's why I write it. But if I need a break or I want to study writing styles I'll switch over to my other love, classic literature.

How important to you is a book's cover, blurb, or review when convincing you to pick up a book and read it?

The blurb or review is pretty important, especially if I've never heard of the book before. A lot of the books I read come from recommendations from friends that have read the books and liked them, so if I'm going to pick up a book on a whim it's really got to sell itself! I'll usually read the first few pages, too, to get an idea of the voice and plot. Covers, though, I don't really care that much about. Yes, my eye will be drawn to a pretty cover, but a plain cover won't convince me that I shouldn't buy a book. I remember in 2009 I picked up "The Hunger Games" without a recommendation and the blurb had me interested right away, but the cover wasn't my favorite!

What does your handwriting look like? Do you think it matches your personality?

I can have really nice handwriting when I try, but most of the time it's stuck somewhere between print and cursive. When I think about it, I guess I could say that that resembles my personality; the things I put a lot of effort into usually turn out nicer and more worthwhile.

Where have you been that has given you the most ideas/inspiration for your writing?

It's funny, because I've done a lot of traveling, but I'm not writing anything right now that's based on a location I've been to, because usually a lot of my ideas come from everyday things. But, I went to China last year I started imagining all the things I could write about it. Someday, I'd like to write a historical novel about China.

What do you have to say about movies based on books?

I've probably had just about every opinion on this topic humanly possible at one point or another! I love working with cameras and interpreting words on a page into another medium. But even though movies allow so much more accessibility to those words, I always feel like something is missing. To me, it's like the book and the movie are completely separate things, so I'm able to fall in love with both, but never in the same way.

If you had to describe your latest WiP in one word, what would it be?
Great interview, Mariah!

Now here's some places you should go... click here to go to Mariah's blog and find out more about her, and read the interview that she did for 21 Minus. Also go here to check out the awesome list of prizes Anna has for the giveaway, and then go here to Anna Waggener's blog to get all the information about the blog tour and giveaway - how you can win prizes, etcetera!

(So it turns out Nick Hight interviewed me! If you want to check that out, click here).

Have fun learning about all the other awesome young writers!


  1. Awesome interview! I found your handwriting question quite interesting - I wonder how I would answer that?

    And Mariah nailed it on the head with the movies to books question. Nice one!

  2. Great questions, thoughtful answers!

    You say you love working with cameras -- do you do film work? That sounds neat; it's something that I don't know much about.

    1. Hey Laura! I'm a broadcast journalism major at college, so I do a lot of work with all different kinds of video projects. It's a lot of fun!

  3. I really like your answer to the movie/book question—that's about how I feel. =) And you've been to China?? *insanely jealous* I have a WIP based in ancient/pre-modern China, and the best I can do is taking a class on East Asian Civ. *grumbles* ^_~*

    1. Haha, if you ever have questions, let me know! I've taken Mandarin classes and I'm working to make myself I China expert :)

  4. Ha, that sounds like my handwriting!

    Awesome that you got to go to China. :)

  5. I really love that blog header! It is so cute! Hummm... I liked her answer on the handwriting. I think mine pretty much resembles me!

  6. Nice to finally meet my interviewer! I loved the questions, Gracie, and am glad to have made a new writing friend!

  7. Reading and writing make me happy too. They always have, when I would make up stories to go with pictures, when I couldn't read in my head, even now when it's all so much harder. It still makes me happy.

    I'm going over to Mariah's blog so i can see that header in person!

  8. China has such a rich history and culture, so I would definitely read that historical novel, then, should you write one. And I agree that someone's handwriting can match that person's personality. Loved this interview!

  9. Another great interview! I'm so enjoying these. Jealous about the traveling bit, and I totally agree about novel blurbs.

  10. Thinking about movies and books as separate entities is a great way of looking at that dynamic!

  11. Reply to Mariah: Broadcast journalism, huh? That sounds awesome! I definitely agree that movies and books are different mediums -- so I generally don't get too upset when movies leave things out or change things from the book.


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