Friday, June 8, 2012

7 Things You Shouldn't Do When You Should Be Writing

1. Do not go on the Internet, because it is a black hole.

2. Do not convince yourself that going on the Internet is OK.

Me #1: But, vlogbrothers videos are educational.
Me #2: NO. Write.
Me #1: But... tumblr. There's... bookish stuff on there.
Me #2: Really? I think you're reaching, there... do you not understand you are procrastinating and wasting time???
Me #1: OK, you're right about that one. But... blog posts. C'mon, those have to do with WRITING!!! By reading blogs, you're pretty much writing anyway.
Me #2: Well... uhm...
Me#1: See, even you know I'm right.
Me #2: *surfs internet frantically for fun things*
Me #3: No... all hope is lost...

3. Don't read (for the sake of not writing).

Me #1: READING. It is important. That is how you learn to write properly.
Me #2: Yes but writing -the actual action of it- is pretty important when writing, don't you think?
Me #1: SHUT UP I LIKE BOOKS *buries head in book* Now go away.

4. Do not allow yourself time to dawdle.

Me #1: *rereads what I wrote last time* *stares at following blank page* What now?
Me #2: I don't know.
Me #1: ARGHHHHH I hate this...
Me #2: Look! I wrote something!
Me #1: Um... all you wrote was "ARGHHH why can't someone else write this for me???"
Me #2:  So what?

5. Do not try to convince yourself that your story is almost done anyway, so you don't need to work on it.

Me #1: 7 more scenes!! Only seven more scenes!
Me #2: Yes! 7 scenes that will never get written if you don't stop talking about it and just WRITE.
Me #1: Yes, but on average that's only 7 hours! I could be done by tomorrow!
Me #2: You still aren't writing. You have to realize this will never happen if you don't write, right?
Me #1: Can you imagine being DONE this monster?? And then I can FINALLY send it to my friends to read. Did you know I've been waiting two years for this?
Me #1: Yeah, but I'm almost done!!

6. Do not replace the action of writing with something you trick yourself into thinking is equally important.

Me #2: Oh, like blogging about how you keep procrastinating instead of writing? HUH?
Me #1: um...

7. The #amwriting tag on twitter. (Also, see #1 and #2).

Random Person: Working on stuff blah blah blah #amwriting
Me #1: You are not writing... you are on twitter.
Me #2: Well, you're not writing either, so...
Me #1: Would you just go away already!

Me #1: All of your blog readers are going to think you are crazy when they see how much you talk to yourself...
Me #2:  Hey, this is the funniest post I've written in a while! I'm going to publish it, and you can't stop me!

How do you distract/excuse yourself from writing?

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