Monday, July 24, 2017

Mid-Year Wrap Up

Hello, everyone! Well, I have finally failed my blog-post-every-week goal. But I think it's pretty good that it took me this long. So what have I been doing that I haven't been able to write a blog post since June 29? Mostly I've just been doing a lot of summery things like strawberry picking or going to the beach or biking around town, and I've also been doing a bunch of writing. I even finished a second draft yesterday (woohoo!) It's the second draft of the book I finished the first draft of in December. I think this might be the fastest I've written a draft.

So what else have I done in the past almost seven months, besides finishing a draft?


2017 started! I made some reading goals. I think I'm actually doing pretty good with most of them, although right now I've gotten distracted rereading Harry Potter. This reread has been interesting, and I'd like to share more about the rereading experience, but I think I will leave that for another post.
I wrote one of my favourite posts of this year, 5 Things To Remember When Looking For Diverse Books. The reminders still help me. :)

I discovered the talented Dawn Dumont and wrote a review of her book Nobody Cries at Bingo. I have since read her most recent release, Glass Beads, which is such a good book with an awesome cover. I think Dawn Dumont deserves to be "that one Canadian author that everyone is talking about", her writing is so good and relevant. 


February I went to Vancouver on reading week and had no inspiration for writing bookish posts, apparently. The curse of committing to once a week blog posts. But you can see what my room looked like when it was clean, which also includes a picture of my cat.


My favourite posts in March were my post on J.K. Rowling, Megan Whalen Turner, and Authorial Intent, about the different ways that authors exert authority over their books and what the effect is, and my post on the 7 Lies I Believed About Writing. 


I finished my fourth and second last year of university, started my summer job full time, and started my blog series Local Book Nook (which I'd still love more participants for, by the way!) 


I turned 23, read and did a review of the fun cross-genre sci-fi novel Sputnik's Children by Terri Favro.  The fifth Queen's Thief book, Thick as Thieves, also came out and I had a fun time putting together a nerdy release party with one of my friends. 


Oh, and my garden really started to grow! 


I survived working on Canada Day weekend, enjoyed some especially spectacular fireworks and time with my family and other Canadians, thought about what I've learned about being Canadian from all the books I've read in the past year. 
I started rereading Harry Potter, learned a lot of things at work, was exhausted most of the time, finished registering for classes for my final year of university, enjoyed doing summer things with friends, and finished the second draft of my book!! 

And now we're all caught up! Hopefully I pointed out some posts you missed. How is your summer going? How are your reading goals going?


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