Saturday, August 18, 2018

WITMonth Roundup - Resources, Book Lists, Discounts!

August is Women in Translation Month but unfortunately I have been way too disorganized and busy traveling this summer to prepare any reviews for this month. Instead, I thought I would go through a bunch of WITMonth posts and put together a round-up so that I can go through it later and fill up my TBR, because reading women in translation definitely should not stop at the end of August. Hopefully it can help you navigate WITMonth as well, and if you have any suggestions for links to add, please let me know!


 Of course you should be following the official Twitter of Women in Translation Month, @Read_WIT, as well as the #WITMonth hashtag. These are great places to find reviews and recommendations of women in translation. (Most of these links come from Twitter, but I'm sure there's lots of great stuff on Instagram, Tumblr and BookTube as well!)

Translated World , news and reviews about literature in translation, also tweeted quite a bit about WITMonth, as did Asymptote Journal. Also make sure to check out the Warwick Prize for Women in Translation page which has lots of news, recommendations, and other resources as well as being the home of one of the first prizes for women in translation! 

And of course if you haven't read any posts by Meytal Radzinski, the founder of the movement, you should get on that right now.  I especially like her posts about why WIT Month should be about works translated into English from other languages, and why the focus should be on writers and not translators. An earlier post but still a favourite of mine, Meytal Radzinski discussing how the feminist movement needs to be international to be intersectional, to which I wholeheartedly agree (and is part of my motivation for my Local Book Nook series, currently on...hiatus..)

And I also think you should check out the wonderful WITMonth Bingo by Borrowed Bookshelf if you're not quite sure where to start with this read-a-thon/movement.


 Fill your TBR!

Meytal Radzinski's Day 14 round-up includes lists of Indonesian writers, medieval poets translated into English, 100 books(!) of women in translation, Latin American literature by women in translation, and more - please check out her post to get the links to these awesome curated lists!

And of course check out Meytal's own curated lists of WITMonth new releases, poetry, historical fiction, and non-fiction.

BookRiot has a bunch of posts for WITMonth, including some recommended reads and some summer 2018 reads for WITMonth. 

Pop Matters features a list of short stories of women in translation.

The Lost in Translation podcast has a recommendation episode for WITMonth, and you can find all their recommendations in their show notes as well.

Global Literature in Libraries Initiative posted a list of Contemporary Turkish Women Writers Available in English Translation.

ArabLit also has a bunch of great posts for WITMonth, including Best of New Translated Arabic Lit by Women and Beirut's Feminist LIbrary Picks 5 WITMonth Reads and Arab Women's Kidlit in Translation! This is one of the few kidlit lists I came across, I'd love to see more! 

Smoking Tigers has a list of Korean Women in Translation.

Women's Web has a list of Indian Women Authors in Translation.

Princeton Public Library curated a 3-page list of WITMonth recommendations which includes more than just recent releases. 

Penguin UK posts about 9 classics to celebrate women in translation.

*EDIT* Some people posted sci-fi and kid-lit lists so I had to add them!

Meytal Radzinski's sci-fi and fantasy recommendation list.

Some fantastical teen reads by Pushkin Press.

A list of Japan kidlit women in translation!

Do you have a list of WITMonth reads to add? Let me know! I focused on finding lists with multiple recommendations, but you can also find lots of individual reviews and recommendations in the hashtag!


Are you worried about the dent in your wallet from purchasing all the books from the awesome lists above? No worries! A whole bunch of publishers are giving discounts for WITMonth! Some of these discounts have quite a wide application, so I would encourage you to try to purchase books by women writers if you do end up taking advantage of the discount codes. (*Note I couldn't always find when the discounts end, but I assume most of them go until the end of the month.)

And Other Stories has a WIT Month book bundle you can find here.


Well I hope this round-up will help you navigate WITMonth posts a bit better, and add a plethora of books to your TBR to keep you reading women in translation all year long. 

One thing I did notice when trying to find book lists and recs is that I'd love to see more women in translation being recommended from countries in Africa, as well as more YA, romance, sci-fi and fantasy recommendations. After a while spent going through the hashtag you see the same few books cropping up over and over again, and I'd love to see way more variety! Next year I hope to be more a part of that. :) In the meantime, happy reading!


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