Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Have you ever felt incredibly STUPID and AWKWARD for declaring something with utmost certainty, only to find out later you're totally, completely WRONG? And then you never want to feel so idiotic again?

Well, NOW is your chance to never feel so idiotic again! No more feeling stupid for you with the NEWEST, shiniest, currently most popular suffix on the market! That's right, it's ISH, the suffix you've all come to know and love!

Whenever you're unsure about something and you don't want to use those awful way-too-many-letter words like "kind of" *shudder* "sort of" *horrified scream* "possibly" or even the dreaded "I don't know" (No! Don't say it!) then ISH is right there to replace them! It's only THREE letters long and you just stick it right onto the end of anything you want! How much easier does it get?? Just look:

"It's supposed to be cold...ish tomorrow" or "I have 1700...ish aliens under my bed". ARE YOU AMAZED YET?

If not, there's more! ISH's usefulness just never ends! Do you find yourself querying agents about your manuscripts? Well, ISH is a perfect addition to that little bugger! Take a look:

"My book is 200,000ish words" or "I promise it's best-sellerish material". Wow! Do you see what ISH did there? No longer will agents be let down or annoyed when they don't recieve a 200,000-word or best-seller MS that they were promised! Now they know exactly what to expect, thanks to the EASY addition of the BEST three-letter suffix out there!

And the list goes on! Can't remember exactly what someone looked like? Add ISH! Don't remember the forecast? Add ISH! Don't want your parents to know exactly how many unicorns you sneak into Narnia via your attic? Add ISH!

ISH is on sale NOW for a steal of $19.99! But for this EXCLUSIVE ON-BLOG OFFER, you'll get ISH, PLUS a general query letter with ISH already added in! Agents will love you! All that only for the exclusive offer of $23.53!

AND if you call 555-0503 RIGHT NOW you'll get ISH, FIVE general ISH-added query letters, AND a year's subsrciption to Suffixes of The World, the most noted suffix magazine known to man (it even won the Golden Suffix Magazine award in 1994!) ALL ONLY FOR A WHOPPING GOOD PRICE OF $50.04!! CALL NOW!!

You can also order ISH online at www.ishsuffix.com! Currently on sale for $17.63!* Order now, while supplies last!!

*online items only on sale in Manitoba, Canada. Because I know you don't know where that is.


  1. ROFL! This post is hilarious, Gracie! Not hilarious-ish, but definitely hilarious. One of the best blog posts I've ever read. No kidding. Let me see how many I'd like to order. Hmm...I'd like to place an order of, say, sixish!

  2. Hehe, I love your comments! So funny! :D

  3. Your blog is a gorgeous place of important information! Do you mind if I pingback one of your posts on my own blog?


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