Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I Am Not A Walking Pictionary

So I'm going to talk about something kind of removed from what I usually talk about. According to all blogging advice websites, I am really bad at blogging. They say you're supposed to have a focused topic, and I do not. I mean, unless you count "writing, reading, and life" as a focused topic...

So, I'm going to take the most open-ended of those three: life. One of my favourite group game to play in life (wow that was a horrible transition...) is called Talking Pictionary. Oh, and if you haven't figured it out yet, I'm not really a normal teenager. I mean, normal teenagers do not spend time with their friends playing awesome verbal word games. :D

Now, if you're bored with board games/group games, you can peruse my tumblr here instead, and come back for my next post, whenever that may be.

Anyway. Talking pictionary. You probably don't know what that is. When I looked it up on Google, the results were just articles or blog posts where people used improper expressions like "People say I'm a walking pictionary." (DICTIONARY, people, DICTIONARY).

Talking Pictionary is actually a game that I learned from my grandparents. It's an awesome group game and can also be a Theory-of-Knowledge, philosophy-esque game because it gives you insight into how people think. Also, funny quotes. I wanted to teach you how to play because a) it's an awesome game, b) WORDS. You guys like words, right? I mean, assuming most of you are reader/writer types, and c) not many people seem to know about it outside of my family and friends.

All you need to play is a timer and a pack of pictionary cards.


So you split up your group into two teams. Then each person on each team takes turns trying to get their teammates to guess the words on the card by describing them verbally. Hence, talking pictionary. Once the timer runs out, you count how many words you got your teammates to guess correctly and add it to your team's point total. Whatever team has the most points when you decide to stop playing wins. 

  • You cannot use actions. (Do not follow the example of my grandpa. Grandpa: What's this? *drops pen* Us: Grandpa!! You're not supposed to use actions!!!)
  • You cannot say any part of the word on the card. (Ex: If the word is snowblower, and you say "snow" or "blower", you don't get a point).
  • You cannot say "it rhymes with" or "it starts with the letter" because c'mon, that's just cheap.
  • Oh, and you can't just say it another language either.
  • If you get your teammates to guess all the words on a card and you still have time left, you can move on to another card. HOWEVER, if you messed up a word (saying "snow" when the word was "snowblower") then you can't continue onto a new card.


...from playing pictionary with my family members. :) People say funny things under pressure when they are trying to describe a word with limited vocabulary.

Grandpa, describing rain: "Melted frozen snow that's wet!"

Cousin: What do you get when you throw a pile of glue on the floor?
Answer (apparently...): A blob

Friend: "You know when you say I love you in sign language, he's a superhero and he does that."

Emily: Uh.. I think it's something you either spit or pee into.
Answer: Urn
Everyone else: NO!! Haha. :)

Grandpa: Peaches!
Uncle Harold: Apricots!
(and Uncle Harold got this right... they have strange minds)

So. I hope next time you're looking for a group game to play, you end up playing Talking Pictionary and I hope you are amused by what people come up with to describe things!

What's your favourite group game? Do you like learning about how people think?


  1. Haha this sounds fun! :) My friend is a huge Gleek, so she got the Glee game for Christmas or something, and she wanted to play. Or course we had no clue how to play, so we just ended up paraphrasing the quotes on the card and seeing how long it took people to figure out the quote. . . Verbal games are fun. ;)

  2. Hehehe... whoops... I didn't know an urn was for funeral ashes.... :D


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