Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Changing Tastes & Critique Partners

Since I finished my third draft, I decided that I should really get... meet... whatever... some more critique partners. Unfortunately I just missed the Teens Can Write, Too! blog critique matching up at the beginning of June, because that would've been awesome! I like the idea of critique partners close to my age (even though I am more quickly than I'd like to admit leaving teenagerdom...) 

Anyway, if you're looking for someone to critique your manuscript or anything I'd be happy to be your CP. (or even if you're not!). As a teenager and avid reader of YA, I think I could be useful. (Especially if you write YA. But I looove MG too, and I just worked in an elementary library for a year and with tons of MG-obsessed kids!) :) 

My desk at the library I worked at.
Another thing I wanted to talk about is how my tastes have changed. I started this blog three years ago, which is crazy. I feel like I've changed a lot and my blogging tastes have changed a lot (I am definitely not proud of everything I've posted). I haven't come as far as some people do in three years, as far as followers and such, but I have come a long way as far as writing and reading blogs.

I haven't really managed my subscriptions at all for three years, but now more than ever I notice I'm only reading a couple of posts when I used to devour everything like crazy. Laura's talked about this before, how you read the posts you need to read. (She is so cool, go follow her!) I've also noticed what posts and blogs I'm attracted to. I'm less attracted to the huge group blogs or really popular blogs by aspiring authors. I like the smaller blogs, and my favourite posts are just the ones that ramble on about life and what's new with their writing. I used to skip those kinds of posts. But now those are my favourite. Laura, Raven, and Rachel  all write blogs that I really like right now. Oh, and I also still read almost every WORD for Teens post.

So anyway, if you have any suggestions for critique partners or smaller, more personal-style blogs, let me know! (Or even just blogs you really really like).


  1. Your post just made my day! Something I wrote made an impression! Woo! :)

    I've also been panicking slightly about CP-searching. Most of my friends are in college and have no time at all to read. Most of my blogger friends are equally busy. So who the heck am I going to convince to read a 100k YA epic fantasy novel? :P

    I just thought I'd let you know what you'd be getting into if I asked you to be a critique partner. One, my WIP is LONG, and I'm sure it has its flaws. Two, I don't know if your tastes include fantasy -- you seem more into contemporary. But if you're interested, just shoot me an email. I will of course be happy to read/critique anything you have written as well. :)

    1. Ah! Yes, I will totally take you up on this. I do like fantasy, I just don't read a ton of it, so if you don't mind that I'm not as knowledgeable in that genre... :D

  2. Hey! I'm currently working on my YA paranormal romance and i'd love a critique (teen:)) partner , i just happened to find your blog and just thought i'd ask if you'd be interested?:)

    1. Yeah maybe! If you could email me at kazuntai101[at]gmail[dot]com, then we could learn a little bit more about each other and our books, that would be great.


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