Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What's Up Wednesday

Kind of belated What's Up Wednesday... oh well. Anyway, here we go!

What I'm Reading

I just finished reading The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson. To be honest, not exactly sure where the title comes from, but the book was really good. The setting was made up of jungle and desert, which is quite a bit different than the Europe-in-the-dark-ages setting of most fantasy books. I also loved the main character Elisa. She is such a strong character, but she also was vulnerable at times. She was definitely relatable.

Now I'm reading an MG that was recommended to me back when I worked in an elementary library, Summer of the Gypsy Moths. I'm only the first chapter, so we'll see how it goes.

What I'm Writing

At the moment, nothing. I'm writing critiques for a CP, but that's about it. Every time I think about starting in on figuring out edits for my book, I'm kind of overwhelmed with figuring everything out. Especially the beginning, which I have never liked and still don't. How do I set up the world so it makes sense, but also introduce conflict soon enough so that readers are hooked? It is complicated, I tell you. (Although I'm sure you don't need ME to tell you that).

What Else I've Been Up To

I just got a job, so that's cool, but so far I've only had one shift and don't have anymore until next week so my days have been pretty laid back. Um... yesterday my mom, sister and I sat down like we do every week to watch the next episode of The Amazing Race Canada. I have to say I really enjoy The Amazing Race when I do watch it, but especially this time since everyone is Canadian and they're travelling in Canada. :) I love my country.

What Inspires Me Right Now

There's this web series called Video Game High School, and it's a really cool web series but besides that they also put a ton of behind the scenes content up on the creators' website, A bunch of that content has been the writers talking about, well, writing.

In this one podcast they did (which you can find here), the writers reflect on writing season 1 of VGHS. Everything that one of the writers says around 33 minutes is really inspiring to me and motivational. They talk a lot about the writing they did for the show, but a lot of the stuff they say applies to writing in general. I don't know, I found it helpful and inspiring. (And if you want to, check out VGHS! It's pretty fun).


  1. *waves* Hi...*CP guilt*

    I liked your beginning :) I think there's a lot of emphasis put on starting the action out right away, but sometimes a slower start can be better as we get to know the characters. :) Of course, this is coming from the person who wrote a 100k draft, so take that with like an entire cup of salt. :P It is really overwhelming. I'm in the same boat with you right now. I have chosen to block out all thoughts about the rest of the book as I sit down with the beginning. If I think, "How will this affect consistency later on?" I will freak out.

    Maybe it's better to wait until all critiques are finished and you've had time to mull everything over. Maybe I should have done that myself before starting this rewrite...oh well...even though I'm a plotter, I never think these things through. :P

    And if I may say -- YAY FOR THAT BOOK COVER. I read a sneak-peek of GOFT and the main character was described as dark-skinned and overweight, barely able to fit into her wedding dress and prone to comfort-eating. I Googled it (as per my book cover theme lately) and I saw covers with a tall, skinny, leggy white chick. And another cover with a white girl's face inside a jewel. Wtf. Especially since Elisa's insecurities come from her contrast with her lighter-skinned, slim sister, I wondered how they could so badly misinterpret something that obvious.

    1. Yeah, I think at this point that's what I'm going to do - wait until all critiques are done and then start in. We'll see if I keep putting it off after that, though...

      The sad thing about that book cover is that's not the original cover... I think it's just for the UK version, or something? Sigh...

    2. Yeah, I noticed the title was different as well. Must be the UK version.


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