Monday, September 30, 2013

Some Poetry For Your Monday

I don't write a lot of poetry, and most of what I do write is pretty bad. I did write a poem last year when I was in the Philippines that I kind of like. (I mean, it's not perfect). But I like it because when I read it, it brings me right back to sitting over the soccer field at the school, listening to the sounds of the city.

sounds of manila

I sit

The city
a giant star-pricked quilt
folds over my knees
and covers
the feet of my ears

I listen to the percussion,

Barking dogs
obnoxious horns
the phlegmy roar of
motorcycle engines

an indistinct monster of noise

and above that,
the tinkle of children laughing
as they play
in the streets
tsinelas slap-slapping on the bottoms
of calloused brown soles

and the music:

operatic women exalting Mary,
skirt-twirling Spanish celebration
braided roughly
into one
My heart does not swell at the sound because
there are no violins
this is not a symphony
but the sound
of people


The other poem I like is not very good with language or really anything, but I like it because I figured it out that you read each line down, and then back up again to the top and it actually makes sense. It actually took quite a long time to figure out. (I think it's called a palindrome poem?) To read it, you read each individual line down and then read each individual line back up to the top.

Letting Go

I want you to never
come back
walk out of sight
tear your eyes from sunlit horizons
while you are trudging onward
open your eyes to the world
think of me
warm your heart
with the sunlit horizon
forget everything you once held here
but don’t


  1. I love the line about "star-pricked quilt," and later, the rhythm of "operatic women exalting Mary" was really nice.

    I'm not sure what you meant about the palindrome poem, but it was a nice poem. :)


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