Saturday, December 28, 2013

College Writer Blog Tag

Laura tagged me in this college writer blog tag, so here it is. (Although in Canada, college is where you go for vocational training and university is the same as what Americans would call college. Anyway)

Also I'm kind of the same as Laura, most of the group of high school/teenage bloggers I used to follow kind of disappeared. So if you're a college-age blogger I'd love to follow you! Leave a link or tweet me @asherlockwrites. :)

Now I have to answer some questions!

What year are you?

First year! I graduated two years ago, but I took a year off last year to work at an international school in the Philippines.

What's your major(s)/minor(s)?

Um, nothing, yet... will let you know later.

What types of writing do you do?

Tweets. Blog posts. Haha just kidding I do more than that... although I haven't really been writing at all since this summer, really. I'm really bad at making writing a priority when I have lots of other things, like school, on my plate. When I'm not stuck in a rut, though, I like writing anything that I have ideas for. I have a harder time writing contemp, though, and while I love pure YA romance I cannot write it without it coming across really cheesy.

What are your plans after college, both career-wise and writing-wise?

Who knows? My vision of the future is very short sighted at the moment. I basically want to be doing everything. Travelling the world, saving it, what have you. I'd love to be working at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights though. For writing... hopefully by then I'll have had the courage to go back and fix up my book and actually have something decent.

What is one thing you've learned about writing while in college?

Well so far I've had one semester, so not much. Hopefully I will learn from my mistake of not writing at all this entire semester though. Any tips for me??

Well my answers are definitely very different from Laura's but that's one thing about college-age bloggers is people are at very different places in life! I think it's pretty cool.

Are you a college writer blog? Answer the questions!


  1. Aaaaand my long comment isn't showing up. :( Let me post this one as an experiment...

  2. Well, that one worked! I have no clue why my earlier comment disappeared. D:< now-disappeared comment was probably long enough to inspire an entire blogpost about writing in college, haha. :)

    If you don't have the time to write, start a worldbuilding file and jot down notes as a way of staying fresh with the story. It doesn't demand a lot of time -- you can spend five or ten minutes on worldbuilding, whereas it's harder to keep continuity and concentration if you try to write a project in five-minute breaks between classes.

    Also, I use homework as a carrot for finishing my writing. Before, I used writing as the carrot for doing homework. The thing was, though, I didn't HAVE to write -- if I finished the homework and was burned out, I could pass on writing. However, I HAVE to do homework. So I write first. It also makes me work faster and more efficiently because "get to my homework or fail" is a much stronger motivator, haha. :)

    1. You should definitely write that post about writing in college, because I think I need it.

      Those ideas are so good, especially the second one. I usually don't let myself do anything else until I'm finished my homework, but then by the time I'm finished I think I deserve a reward for finishing and end up just wasting time. I will definitely have to try that! It just might work. :)

    2. I might just write that post. Thanks!

      Also, what was up with that weird comment earlier? Seriously...bizarre.


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