Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2016 Reading Goals

Like a lot of bookworms, January is the time for thinking about how I'm going to challenge myself in my reading for the following year. I wanted to share them with you, mostly so I will feel more obligated to actually stick to them! This year I haven't really made any commitments to do a certain number of books of any category. I mostly just wanted to try to pushy myself to read more diversely and outside of my comfort zone. Also a lot of my goals involve just trying to succeed at things I failed last year. 

1. Read diversely! This is always a goal of mine, although it definitely takes work and I can always do better. I especially want to focus on reading what people have called #ownvoices on Twitter, where the identity of the main character is shared by the author.

2. Read more books by non-Western authors, or with non-Western settings (like, outside the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia). This is really hard sometimes because of language issues, but I know there are books out there! (Also if you have recs for me for any of these, please comment and let me know!)

3. Read more books by indigenous authors, not just written by authors from Canada and the US but outside as well. 

4. Continue to read CanLit! I loved discovering all the great CanLit out there this year, and I'm not ready by any means to be done with it yet!

5. Read more books with non-American authors than American authors (I failed at this in 2015.)

Of course other challenges may crop up throughout the year that I may join, but that's all for now!

What are your 2016 reading goals? What is a recommendation you can give me for any of the above?


  1. So your goal is - READ MORE! A goal I need to adopt for myself.

    1. Haha, basically. Although it's not so much read a higher number of books, but be purposeful in the books that I do read! But reading more is always a good goal to have. :)


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