Monday, February 6, 2017

My Bookworm Bedroom

How to motivate yourself to do a super thorough cleaning of your room: decide you are going to do a blog post room tour featuring a bunch of pictures of your room.

So, yeah, here is a tour of my bookworm bedroom. Enjoy! :)

I have this poster I made on my wall just as you walk in. It's a quote from Ivan E. Coyote's The Slow Fix, which I talked about in my Across Canada Reading Challenge. The idea is that I'm the "she who stayed to write the story", since I do most of my writing at my desk now. :)

Then from the doorway, if you turn to the left you see my desk, shelves, whiteboard, and my beautiful calendar that I got on sale from my local bookstore. My whiteboard is very important. It is where I display important papers/reminders (using my collection of tourist magnets), write my to do lists, and study when I have an exam. What do people do who don't have whiteboards??

The beautiful calendar I have is the 2017 Japanese Decorative Papers Calendar. I love nice calendars like this because it's not just for organization but also a decorative wall painting, bonus that all the designs in this calendar are gorgeous. (This is the calendar!) The cards beside it are cards from friends that live in different provinces.

The bookshelves above my desk are mostly for my school books. The top shelf is some sentimental stuff from my childhood, and my school stuff that I don't use or textbooks that I'll sell eventually. The second shelf is some notebooks and all my nonfiction books, including writing books and cookbooks! See if you can spot the book Your First Novel by Ann Rittenberg and Laura Whitcomb, which is the book that in a roundabout way introduced me to the online YA community and got me to start blogging! The third shelf is some pretty MG and YA books, and the school books that I'm currently using (can you guess what classes I'm in right now?)

The stickers are from when I went to NerdCon: Stories, the Hunger Games keychain I got from a friend, and the gorgeous bike chain bookend is from Ten Thousand Villages! The bookend is against some of my favourite books.

Okay, other side of my room! My window sills, where I keep my plants (in the nice Ikea greenhouse I got for Christmas), and my bookshelf where I keep my books and my collection of tea cups. (I don't actually collect tea cups - if any family is reading this, please stop buying me tea cups.) As you can see, another couple of themes of my room are tea, and music. I have received a lot of music note patterned gifts over the years, which is fine, I like music. :)

Now, one of the most important parts of my room aside from my bed, my bookshelf! I don't actually have a ton of books, because I recently went through them and got a rid of a bunch, but also because I'm not a huge book collector. I really only need to have the books I'll reread over and over and over again (*cough*Melina Marchetta), and if others are just going to sit on my shelf and not be read, I'd rather give them to someone who would enjoy them more. (Although all the shelves are double stacked, so... I still have a lot of books...heh.)

This shelf is my TBR right now pile, the books I'm going through at the moment. It holds any library books I have out, as well as books I've bought/been given and haven't gotten around to yet. (Which book should I read next?? I've already read Nimona and Lumberjanes, which were GREAT I can't get enough of them.)

This is my Christy Miller shelf, which was one of my favourite series growing up (it's an inspirational Christian series, super fluffy but I like fluff). The train car has significance if you've read the books. ;)

A dishes set from my grandma, and my adult fiction shelf! Lots of Miriam Toews. If you haven't noticed I don't really spend a lot of time organizing my books in fancy ways. I am lazy like that.

This is one of my favourite things I did in my room - my wall of bookish pictures above my bed. Each picture is either from a book, or is a reference in some way to a book. For example, I don't know how well you can see it but the bird on the top left is one of Audubon's birds, which has significance in Okay For Now by Gary D. Schmidt, probably my favourite MG book ever. Can you guess what books the rest of the pictures are from? (Oh wait! Just realized I lied - one of the pictures isn't from a book, it's Pascal Campion art.)

Calypso says thanks for coming and looking around!

What's your favourite thing in your room?

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