Sunday, November 28, 2010

Welcome to The Inside of My Head!

Hey, all!

I'm new. N00b, newbie, whatever you want to call me. I'm new, not to the writing world (I've been doing that for years) but I guess you could say to the community of writers and bloggers who are authors, etc. Just recently I started following some really interesting writing blog (like the amazing YA Highway and a bunch of others.)

For my first post, I thought would graciously tell you about myself...

First, the basics:

My name is Gracie (although not actually, I just use that as my 'net name) and I am 16 years old. I am around 5'8 and I have greenish-blue eyes, and poofy hair. Oh, I am also a born and proud Canadian!

Next, my writing:

So, I've been writing stories and such ever since I had the ability to make those lines of lead into words. I've loved it and wanted to be an author ever since I can remember. You know how little kids sometimes dream about being crazy things, like firefighters or soldiers? I never had those dreams. I've always wanted to be an author. Anyway, I got my first ever publication in the awesome all-Canadian What If? magazine when I was 13. The work I got published was a short story about how this band was playing and made a dragon come to life in their music classroom. I've submitted a few other things to a few other young writers' publications, like Stone Soup or The Claremont Review, but I have to say they were pretty crappy and I'm very thankful they were not put in print! Anyways, last June I entered a short story into a local contest held by my city's Writer's Collective, and I won third place. (I was quite surprised as I didn't think it was very good, and the title was horrible... I called it "The Book"). Some other things... I went to a summer writing camp a few years ago run by the Manitoba Writer's Guild, and when I was really young I went to a writer's workshop run by the author of Kalifax, Duncan Thornton. (Who actually turned out to be my Grandma's cousin's nephew!)

And finally, just some stuff about me as a person:

I have two siblings: one older sister with Down Syndrome (18) (she's the funniest person ever with the most awesome personality ever), and a younger brother (14)who is obsessed with everything soccer (and video games, of course). I also have two cats, Calypso and Venus who are the friendliest little creatures ever (as I'm writing this Calypso is lying in between my outstretched legs, purring.) Along with writing, I also enjoy music (I am in two choirs and two bands, plus worship team at my church), singing, crafts and scrapbooking. As you can see, I enjoy art.

Now, just to have something not about me... what do ya'll think of the whole James Frey debacle? And, would anyone have any links to clips of him being beaten down by Oprah?

And on the other side of things... a book that I loved when I was in middle school called Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen, is now a movie!! (Since August of this year, so I'm a little slow, but I only found out recently and it's still cool!) Check it out here on Goodreads. It's an awesome book, although I don't remember much of it... just that there's these two characters, Bryce and Juli. At the beginning, Juli loves Bryce and Bryce thinks Juli is weird. Then, Bryce loves Juli and Juli doesn't love Bryce. The one scene I remember is that Bryce smells Juli's hair because it smells like watermelons, and she thinks it's weird. It's written in alternating perspectives, which I always enjoy much more than the limited POV.

Anyway... hi, blog readers! Hope that was a good enough introduction for you to the inside of my head!


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