Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Flings

Here I am, sitting in my home's beautiful blue kitchen, heat blasting on my right, peppermint tea steaming on my left. Ah... what a perfect winter day (and no school for a teacher's day! Yay!) Tomorrow, my family and my cousins with their daughter are going to get Christmas trees... I'm excited!

Anyway, the joys of winter was not to be my point today. I was just going to say I've thought of some ideas for "columns", if you will. One, is I'm going to post every so often about a young author I've come across. I find it so exciting when I find out about authors that have been published young, and how they did it, because I'm young, and it'd be cool to be published.

Another one I've thought up is about "writer's slang". Since I've only just begun reading a ton of writing blogs, there's some abbreviations and slang that writers use that I (and hopefully other people new to the writing world) don't understand. (For example, ARC. When I first read that somewhere I was like, OK. ARC. Yeah. WHAT IS THAT??)

I will also hopefully be participating in YA Highway's Road Trip Wednesdays, where they ask a question and a ton of awesome writers and bloggers then answer the question on their blogs. This week's question was What movie do you want to read as a book? and I could not, for the life of me, think of an answer. So, heheh, I didn't participate.

Anyway, something actually interesting for today... I secretly like writing essays. :) Secretly, because what student in their right mind (I just about wrote "write" mind, whoops) would like essays? Well, I do. 'Cause I like writing. :)

And, lastly, something fun for Friday:

Countertenors amaze me.


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