Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Greatest Accomplishment Ever Made in the World of Words

Okay, fine. My accomplishment isn't that great. Although I'm almost positive the things I'm going to tell you in this post (if you are a super reader or writer) are going to trigger quite a range of emotions.


I had never read Harry Potter.

My prediction on your reactions: Shocked. Then confused. Then pitying. Then angry. Then dizzy. Now, before you faint, drink some water! Eat some chocolate! And notice my use of past-tense.

And that leads me to...

REVEALING OF SECRET (though not really secret) #2:

I had never read Harry Potter... until about a month ago.

My prediction on your reactions: Happy dance of joy. Squealing. Clapping. Sighs of relief. And scooching up the edge of your chair and screaming, WHAT DID YOU THINK!?!?!?!?! (Let me know if my predictions are right or not... I know that this is how my HP-fanatic best friend reacted)

I am 16 years old. Everyone else I know has pretty much grown up reading and watching and taking part in the epic massive take-over that is the wonderful wizarding world of HARRY POTTER and his hilarious partners in crime.

Rewind to ab0ut a month ago. I had read exactly zero Harry Potter books, and watched exactly one HP movie (the first one). *Note that I only watched the movie when I was like, five, and being the abnormal child that I was, I was terrified of all that evil stuff!

Okay, fine, fine. I'll get to what I was really planning on taking this whole post to talk about.



I loved them. :) OK, well, except for the epilogue ending of the last one. Ugh. But. Yeah. 

At first, I have to admit, I was hesitant to love them. This is only because usually things that everyone else in the world is obsessed with I very much try to steer clear of (most of the world's popular music, Justin Bieber, Hannah Montana...) so I didn't want to be sucked in too much.

But...but... but... Harry, Ron, Hermione and every single other character in HP are much too lovable! I love them, and that is why I love the books. I think my favourites are Fred and George, who always make me laugh the most. My favourite books are the ones that make me either cry or laugh. 

Well. I've finished all the books, and I'm planning to have an extreme HP-movie-marathon with my best friend (who is a Harry Potter freak fan, in a good way). Do you have any other suggestions/advice for someone who has only recently stepped into the world of Harry Potter?

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  1. I'm so glad to hear that you've discovered Harry Potter. While the movies are good, the books are amazing.

    I'd say get lots of pizza and twizzlers and enjoy the movies! =)


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