Monday, December 19, 2011

I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO...and 39 New Things To Try On Your Blog

I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO. I feel like I'm a little kid again, back in the time before I was a hard-working, motivated young person with lots of goals to reach and... y'know, before I spent my time lurking the Internet. *ahem*  Anyway, I feel like it's perpetually one of those days where I'm sitting on the couch and outside, the sun is shining, and my mom is bustling about and all I can think of to do is whine, "I don't know what to do-oooooooo!!" And then Mom replies threateningly, "Well I could give you something to do." And I scurry off before she puts any evil scheme into motion.

So. That's pretty much how I feel about this blog right now, I have no idea what to do. There's lots of stuff I could do, but none of it really excites me.

Yeah and then I remembered that I actually made a list of "new things to try on your blog". I read something once that said you should try new things on your blog to see what works the best. Not to mention it's fun. So now I present to you, 39 New Things to Try on Your Blog!

1. Post your inspiring pictures
2. Take pictures of your neighbourhood and post them
3. Take pictures of any area inside your house and post them
4. Give a virtual tour of your desk/writing area/bedroom/most important room in your house
5. Draw cartoons and post them
6. Use drawings to illustrate a point you're trying to make in a post
7. A different format, like vlogging, or aerial writing...
8. Do a post on video
9. Post a pardoy video
10. Make a short fun/serious film
11. Live blog (which is when you update a specific post throughout the day)
12. Live chat
13. Create a blogfest
14. Create a blog award
15. Do a link roundup
16. Get quotes from a whole bunch of people (bloggers, authors, experts, etc) on a certain topic and post them
17. Create a weekly meme
18. Organize a blog scavenger hunt
19. Hold a contest
20. Giveaway prizes
21. Do an interview with someone
22. Do an interview with someone on a specific topic (like their reading habits)
23. Do an interview with someone with video chat
24. Do an in-person interview with someone on video
25. Do an interview and post the audio
26. Host a guest on your blog
27. Do a blog swap with another blogger
28. Create a post of your favourite quotes
29. Create a post of quotes on a specific topic or issue
30. Post about your music inspiration
31. Ask a question so that lots of people comment and discuss stuff
32. Do a book review/suggestion
33. Tell a funny story
34. Post part of someone's MS and critique it (with permission)
35. Do a blog series on a specific topic
36. Hold a writing contest
37. Share an excerpt of your WiP or anything
38. Post your opinion on an issue
39. Write a post in a different perspective

So yeah... those are just some ideas for you, and just because they've all been done before doesn't mean they can't be new to you and your blog. :D

I also wanted to update you on my ideas of the Teen Scene Link Roundup and my Ask-the-Teen questions. I'm going to post a December Teen Scene Link Roundup on January 1st, and the Ask the Teens thing I am going to start sometime in the New Year (in January, probably). And I made about pages too... the about page for the Teen Scene Link Roundup is here and the about page for the ask the teens thing is here.

Do you have any ideas for new things to try? What new thing do you think I should try? ;)

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  1. So glad you posted these ideas!! Although I will have to regretfully ignore the first 10 (I don't have the drawing skills or the necessary technology). I'm at about the same place in my blog right now. I decided to do lists. :D It's produced some interesting posts so far. Also I made a new page about books.

    I've tried to do some of the other ones -- critique, writing contest, and guest posts for example -- but I don't have a large enough blog readership (bloggership?) to get enough entries and comments.


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