Thursday, December 29, 2011

Interview With My Awesome Sister On Books (and Movies)

I like learning about people's reading habits, because I find it fascinating how different they can be from person to person. So far I've interviewed my best friend, my brother, and my dad. Today, I will be interviewing my sister.

My sister is 19 years old, and she has Down Syndrome which means she learns slower than other kids her age, but also that she has an awesome personality. She loves movies and loves to make us laugh. She is also quite short compared to the rest of my family, and I like to tease her by calling her "Shortbread Cookie". :) She also likes to be a chatterbox, although she wasn't so much in this interview because we weren't talking about movies.

Anyway... onto the interview!

Me: So, what kinds of books do you like?

Sis: Wizard of Oz, Anne of Green Gables, Flat Stanley.

Me: So why do you like those books?

Sis: 'Cause... interesting?

Me: Why are they interesting?

Sis: They’re based on a movie.

Me: Oh, so you like books based off movies.

Sis: Yeah.

Me: How come you don’t read more?

Sis: I don’t know! I always read before bed.

Me: What’s your favourite book?

Sis: Wizard of Oz

Me: Do you like reading?

Sis: Yes.

Me: Why?

Sis: ‘Cause... everything.

Me: Yeah, but why?

Sis: (groans) I enjoy reading.

Me: Why?

Sis: I enjoy reading!

Me: Yeah, but why? Is it fun, or...?

Sis: It’s fun!

Me: Would you read a book that I wrote?

Sis: No.

Me: No! Why not?

Sis: Cause... not fun.

Me: Why not?

Sis: It’s not based on a movie.

Me: (laughing) Oh... well, thanks. So if I got a movie made, and then I wrote a book...?

Sis: Yup.

Me: You’re silly. What books do you not like?

Sis: Your books.

Me: What? Oh, like the books I read?

Sis: Yeah.

Me: Why not?

Sis: Cause kind of bit boring.

Me: Why are they boring?

Sis: Cause not based on a movie. I like Wizard of Oz, because it’s based on a movie.

Me: So how do you pick a book to read?

Sis: Just pick one book, and read it.

Me: Yeah but is it the title or the cover?

Sis: The cover.

Me: Or...

Sis: The cover!!

Me: What do you like about the cover?

Sis: The pictures.

Me: Do you have anything else to say about reading and books?

Sis: Nope. Bye.

So, in case you didn't catch that... she likes movies. And the Wizard of Oz. Haha. Isn't she cute? :)

What's your favourite movie based on a book?


  1. This is so cute! So, your goal is to write a movie and a book. Then everyone will be happy.

    Thanks for sharing, this was quite refreshing.

  2. Yup, movie and a book... haha. And thank you!

  3. I could totally hear her voice when I read this. As well as see her facial expressions

  4. your sister is lovely! i wish she read a book of yours!! merry christmas


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