Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Family is Weirder Than Yours (and More of My Life in Stick Figures)

So, this is the return of the stick figures of my family. In the past week (actually, it hasn't even been an entire week) I have observed my family and their oddities (er, our oddities) so I can prove to you that my family is weirder than yours. All of my cartoons are pretty much recreations of what was actually said, except, y'know, my family members wear clothes and have... flesh...

Oh, and for the record, my dad doesn't actually have blue hair, that was just the colour of the marker (stupid markers that LOOK black but aren't!)

Exhibit A

We spent all of last week analyzing my brother because he was sick, and came up with the conclusion that he needs to express his feelings more.

Exhibit B

My parents and I had a late-night discussion last week about... Star Wars.

Exhibit C

...and then my dad and I discussed and researched the difference between a "nerd" and a "geek". (Yes, I ask a lot of weird questions...)

Exhibit D

I was watching my brother the other day when he was looking for the ketchup in our pantry closet, and then all of a sudden he steps inside the pantry and closes the door behind him!

Exhibit E

Sometimes we burst into song randomly. (Okay, mostly my dad and I, but the rest of my family has done it, too.)

Exhibit F

This just... doesn't make sense.

Well, I had recently told my dad a story about a relay race where kids had to put petroleum jelly on their  noses and use it to get cotton balls out of a bowl, but normal people just don't say these things suddenly in other conversations which have nothing to do with the topic, which is what my dad did.

Exhibit G

My dad thinks this lame calculus joke is the most hilarious thing in the world. You can read the joke here. If you've taken calculus and you think it's funny, well... maybe you and my dad can be friends.

Exhibit H

According to my mom, my dad cries "at the drop of a bucket". :)

...and if that's not enough proof that my family is weirder than yours, well... I don't even know. Anyway, if you DO want to prove that your family is weirder than mine, give me proof in your own blog post or in the comments. I know my sister wasn't in any of these cartoons, but trust me, she's weird too.

How is your family weird??


  1. This is really awkward... cause I get the joke. I think...

  2. How are my family weird?

    They're Asian.

    Weird enough?

    Honestly, visiting each other at 11pm for a cup of tea and biscuits is normal.

    Telling me off for not studying and then shouting so I have to leave the house to study.

    Dinner is served at 9pm.

    My dad calling me up in the middle of an exam (no phones allowed) because he can't turn the TV on.

    Brothers fighting each other. Lots of hitting. Over the last chocolate bar. Mum chucked it in the bin. My 17 year old brother crying over it. No joke.

    But in the end, I think every family has its weird moments.

  3. When I end up taking calculus, I swear I'll get that joke in the middle of class and start laughing. . . then you can make fun of me. :)

    Just as I was reading this, my brother walked into the room, flipped his hair three times before looking in the mirror and sitting down to watch TV. I guess he has to look good to watch television. Weird families are a ton of fun, though.

  4. My mum thinks it's cool to dance in an underwear shop with bras in her hands when she hears a song she knows.
    My brother is so vain, he cried when he found a gray hair.
    You think you got it bad?

  5. This is a really good post.


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