Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What MG Does That YA Really Needs to Get Better At

1. Friendships. MG's main focus is friendships - actual, genuine friendships.  Somehow, most YA friendships are stereotypical, have some sort of tie-in with some sort of popularity struggle, or end with a romance.

2. No romance. YA, no matter the genre, always seems to end up slipping into some sort romantic subplot which then becomes of the focus of the book (even if it's actually not the focus, the fans will make it so). MG is not about the romance, and I am very thankful.

3. Unique concept. A lot of YA I've read always seems to end up falling back into the old, easy stereotypes and the stuff about popularity. So many MGs have such interesting stories and concepts. I always find them quite a bit fresher than YA.

4. Covers. So many YA covers these days have the face of a girl, or you know what, how about you just look at these common YA covers. MG covers are AWESOME and creative and artistic. Look:

What do you think YA needs to get better at? Also, what are your favourite MG covers?? I want to know!!!!
*just a disclaimer: I'm sure all these things don't apply to all MG, but most, anyway.

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  1. Aack! Everything in this post is so sadly true!

    I hate that friendships get neglected in YA. Or even if there is a great friendship, fans always want to "ship" them as a romance. Extra points for gay ships -- not lesbian ships, b/c most fangirls who do this are girls who want to imagine TWO hot guys, and, well...

    Reading this made me realize why I like certain YA titles as much as I do. Because they do go out of the box and do this kind of thing.


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