Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Books That Creeped Me Out When I Was Young

I was a weird child (which you probably already know if you've read this post or this post), and today we're going to look at yet another weird part of my childhood behaviour...

So I've been working in a library recently and reorganizing the picture book shelves made me think of the books I read as a kid, in particular the books and fictional things that kind of creeped me out. If you didn't need yet another reason to think I'm weird, then just look at some of the things I was creeped out by:

1. The 19th story of Wayside school,  the one that doesn't exist

2. Heffalumps

3. Nova's Ark by David Kirk - For some reason, I thought the pictures in this book were fascinating but also kind of scary.

4. Time Flies by Eric Rohmann - In my opinion, that cover is still scary.

5. The wicked thought in The Red Racer by Audrey Wood - that big green monster struck fear in my young heart, I tell you.
I know these things aren't really that scary, but they genuinely did scare me when I was younger.  These fictional things and books actually made my insides twist and my heart speed up. (This is also why I don't read horrors or thrillers or anything, haha). Now, I kind of think it's cool how much of an emotional response these books got out of me, but it also brings up another point: every reader has different levels of what they can handle.

A lot of really intense books that you probably think are fluff would have terrified me if I would've read them even in middle school. I wasn't ready to read those kinds of books until now or a few years ago. But that's OK, because everyone is different and everyone reads differently and takes things in differently. Evidently I get taken in very easily by books and their fictional worlds, so they have, and have had throughout the years, a much stronger effect on me than other people.

Not every 13-year-old (or any age) is going to be able to handle all the same books that every other 13-year-old can handle. That's kind of why I think rating books is a weird idea. People need to "rate" books according to their own personal needs, and not make a general statement that everyone should follow.

What do you think? What books creeped you out when you were young?


  1. Awww, I loved Wayside School when I was a kid. But I get what you saying and agree. Everyone's tastes are different.

  2. Hi! I just found your blog and it's great to find another teen writer. :D I LOVE heffalumps, but I've never read any of those other books, so I'm going to trust that they're creepy. :O)

    Check ouy my blog: I love getting to know and talking to other young writers.

  3. Hey Jadzia! It's always nice to meet another teen writer. :) Your blog looks super cool and I look forward to getting to know you better.

    I've never quite managed to get over my fear of heffalumps... although as far as the rest of the books I listed go... I still like most of them; I just find them creepy. :)

  4. Dear Alyssa the Charming One, you have been tagged. (Also, I think you should get a twitter. And come to the WOchat Friday at 7pm EST. ^_^)

  5. The only book I an remember that creeped me out was Jack and the Beanstalk. (would you count that as a book or a fairytale?) In fact, I think it still creeps me out...

  6. Haha. One book that always creeped me out was Where the Wild Things Are. Oh, and there was this one with a mosquito that I didn't like either. I can't remember what it's called. I hated Toy Story, too. I know it's not a book, but it used to freak me out so much. I hated the idea that my toys might be able to come alive and that my neighbors (I had two boy neighbors around my brother's age when I was young) would try to blow them up or, like, mutate them. -shivers-


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