Saturday, May 3, 2014

S is for Small Damages by Beth Kephart

This was another book about an American in a different country - this time, in Spain. Kenzie got pregnant, and her mother ships her off to a friend's in Spain to avoid further embarrassment and to keep Kenzie's pregnancy and baby a secret.

The writing is beautiful in this book, and that's definitely it's strength. The setting was lovely, and the book made me feel cozy and warm. Sometimes it felt kind of stifling being in Kenzie's head all the time, but it made sense because of her situation and her location - way out in the no man's land of Spain.

I loved the beautiful simplicity of the story and the relationships. I loved Kenzie's relationship with her hostess, Estela, and despite all their bickering how you can read so much love and respect between them behind that. I especially loved how the book was written as Kenzie addressing her baby. It speaks a lot about how she feels about all of this. Plus it's super sweet.

It was definitely a slower book, and not earth shattering anyway, but that was okay. Actually, the cover of the book definitely accurately portrays the contents.

If you love beautiful writing about warm settings, and a small cast of characters, then this is the book for you.

You can check it out here on Goodreads and the author's website here.

Also... this is the end of all of the reviews that I did for the A to Z challenge, and also it's supposed to end in April (oops). For now I am going to stop, but perhaps I will fill in the rest of the letters at a later point in time. In a few days I'll have a wrap up post and then I think I need to chat about some other things that have gone on in the online book world in the past month or so! Later. :)

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