Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What's Up Wednesday

Since I haven't really been around much on the blog, I thought I'd give you an update. What better way to do that than in a What's Up Wednesday post?

What I'm Reading

It's better than the girl-in-dress on the cover leads you to believe, don't worry. The Winner's Curse is a fantasy about a people who where conquered by another people. I'm almost halfway through, and it's really interesting. I love the characterizations of the two main characters, Kestrel and Arin. It was actually recommended to me by a bunch of Megan Whalen Turner fans, and I think they were right to recommend it! Since I was at the lake this past week, I had time to finish a bunch more books, but I think I'll make a separate blog post about those.

What I'm Writing

Nothing at the moment, because a week ago I FINISHED MY DRAFT! It's actually the fourth draft of a book I've been working on since I was in grade 11, which is almost four years ago now. Obviously, I haven't given up on it yet. Now I'm trying decide what I want to work on next. I have one book that I could outline, or another that I could rewrite. Not sure. Oh, and if you're looking for a critique partner at the moment, maybe we could swap MSs. You can contact me at kazuntai101[at]gmail[dot]com or contact me on Twitter @asherlockwrites.

What Inspires Me Right Now

This video directed by Yulin Kuang, inspired by Neil Gaiman's Dark Sonnet, is beautiful.

Also, I was at the lake last week with my family, and on our second last night there, my dad and I went canoeing just before sunset. It was the perfect time for canoeing. The lake was calm, there was barely any wind to struggle against, and there was a breathtaking sunset to behold.


What Else I've Been Up To

I finished my summer job a week ago, spent my last week of summer at the lake, and now tomorrow is my first day of classes. I actually transferred universities this year, so I'm starting a new school again. It's not that bad, and it's actually nice because now I only have a 20 minute bike ride to school instead of an hour bus ride. I'm also excited because my classes seem interesting enough, and different than the general stuff I took last year, which was mostly stuff I'd already taken in high school like English and history. Other than that, I am doing nothing unrelated to reading and writing. :)

If you want to get more regular updates from me, you can follow me on Twitter @asherlockwrites.

What about you? What have you been up to?


  1. Congratulations on finishing your draft! Gorgeous pics of the sunset too. Starting at a new school can be nerve-wracking but it's good that you don't have to go as far. I've been back at school for over a week now. Good luck. :)

  2. Those photos of the sunset are beautiful!

    Congrats on finishing the draft!! Hope it goes well. :) If you would like me to be a CP again, I would certainly be willing to look at it. Also, best of luck with classes!


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