Saturday, September 5, 2015

Write Whatever Every Day

For most people, January is goal-setting month, the month for resolutions for living better, healthier, and getting stuff done. For me, September always seems to be the time when I think of ways that I can improve my life. It does make sense since for the past 15 years I've been starting school in September, so it's always made me think of fresh new starts. So, anyway, I've given myself a new goal.

It started when I was organizing some old journals of mine that I've kept from when I was younger. A lot of those journals I used for writing, and flipping through them all I could think was, sheesh, I used to write a lot. And I wrote about anything and everything. I had a story here, a snippet there, a random description of my writing space in another book... and the list goes on. Until recently, I hadn't written anything that wasn't a blog post or an essay for school in half a year. Why don't I write as much as I did when I was ten? I mean, some of the reasons are obvious, but why don't I want to write as much as I did when I was ten?

Sometimes I feel like I put too my pressure on myself in my head. I go to work on a book, and think about everything wrong with it and how far it has to go, and then just do nothing. I think of a short story idea and immediately think of all the contests I could enter it into if I make it really good, and then it just blocks me. Or I think I should work on something but don't like any of the projects or books I currently have going.

So, I decided I'm going to write like I did when I was ten. I'm just going to write whatever, every day. I'm not going to commit to a word count, or a certain project or book, I'm just going to do whatever I want. I'm going to write fanfic or paragraph descriptions of nature, or a journal entry or a short story about something that happened in my life. I'm just going to write, for me and only me, and have fun doing it. I'm not going to write anything for essays or scholarships or critique partners. It's just for me, because in the end, I do like writing, and I want to start doing it again.

I think I'll try to keep it up for the month of September, and if it goes well, hopefully I'll continue. And if you want to keep me accountable, that would be more than welcome!

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