Monday, October 10, 2016

My First Queen's Thief Book Release!!

You know that feeling when you thought you would never ever see the publication date for the next book in a series and then finally, IT'S HERE? Well, I do. 

One of my favourite and one of the most genius fantasy series I've ever read, the Queen's Thief series by Megan Whalen Turner, has finally announced the release date for book five! May 16, 2017, 13 days after my 23rd birthday! It has been six years since the last Queen's Thief book was published.

Since all of the Queen's Thief books have been published a number of years apart (around 6 years, but I forgive MWT because her writing is awesome), a bunch of fans on Sounis have been telling stories of what happened in their lives since the publication of the first book, getting degrees and switching between multiple jobs and such. When The Thief was originally published in 1996, I was two, and when the fourth book was published in 2010 I was in grade ten. I have since graduated high school and am soon going to graduate university (shh don't talk about that). 

Anyway I actually only first discovered the Queen's Thief in 2011. Every so often it happens where I have run out of things to read from the library and from my own bought books, and then I scrounge through old books on the bookshelf with books from my childhood, searching in desperation for something to read. One day while looking through the old bookshelf downstairs, I stumbled across The Thief, which I'm pretty sure had been sitting on our shelf for ages. I might have read it before but I didn't remember, so I thought I'd read it. I even still have the review of it I did:

Excellent, excellent writing. Very clever. It is obvious someone intelligent wrote it. I was surprised to see how well the MC’s traits were present in the writing itself. The characters and the story were both extremely realistic, and the ending was amazingly clever. The only bad thing was it was slightly slow near the beginning –although it did keep the realistic side of it.

Intelligent and "the ending was amazingly clever" basically sum up all the Queen's Thief books.

Anyway, The Thief surprised me even if it was slow to get into, but I wasn't desperate for the next one. It was awhile before I took Queen of Attolia out of the library. I obviously still wasn't in love, as my personal book log review ends with "I'd still like to fall in love with the characters a little more, though." HAHA if only you knew.

Then, I read King of Attolia. I was frustrated at first because I had just started to get attached to the original cast of characters, and KOA is told from the point of view of this annoying new character who was getting in the way of me spending time with Gen. However, by the end I fell in love with Costis and this book, and then the series, wholeheartedly. King of Attolia remains one of my top five favourite books.  

I didn't find A Conspiracy of Kings as engaging as KOA, but I grew to love it after a few rereads of the series, and it includes some of my favourite moments between the characters. And that's the thing - you have to reread this series to really get the most of out it, because there are so many moments where you will go oohhh and realize the amazing plotting and trickery that MWT has managed to pull off. 

So, the release of Thick As Thieves will actually be my first release of a Queen's Thief book as a fan of these books, and I am soo excited! It is such an intense experience, waiting for a book you love and have waited for years for to be released, FINALLY. I honestly haven't had many experiences like this. I didn't get into Harry Potter until they were all released, and same goes for many of Melina Marchetta's books (save for Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil, out soon!!) It is such a cool thing to be part of, the anticipation, the fan discussion, the shrieking over Twitter together... 

So I'm really glad I stumbled across that old copy of The Thief in my basement so many years ago...  

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