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MASS OF LINKS: Teen Writer Peoples, Teen Sites, and more Young Author Stuffs

EDIT: The internet is a rapidly changing place! Be aware that this was posted two years ago, and since then some of these bloggers have stopped blogging or don't exist online anymore, or are no longer teens.  Also some of the writing magazines have ceased to exist. However, there is a plethora of information out there about writing and teens writing, you only have to look. I would suggest getting on Twitter, that's where a ton of supportive writer teens hang out!

I am a teen, therefore I am drawn to other teens like me, who write, like me.  And it's awesome the leaps that teens can make in the publishing world when they put their minds to it and work their (our?) pretty little heads off!!

Writers who are not necessarily current teens, but got published at a young age!

Mariam Maarouf, who is currently 17 years old and lives in Alexandria, Egypt. Her first book is Rosie.

Australian author of Girl Saves Boy (whoops almost wrote "Boy Saves Girl") Steph Bowe is only 17 years old!

Veronica Roth, author of upcoming release Divergent (judging from all the hype, it sounds like it'll be good!!) is only 22. (Oh, I tried to find a wikipedia page of her that doesn't exist - it asked me if I really meant "Veronika Toth?")

Another Australian, Alexandra Adornetto was published when she was only 13! She is now 18, and still writing.

Flavia Bujor, French author of The Prophecy of Stones was published when she was 14.

Amelia Atwater-Rhodes at 14.

Cayla Kluver is currently 18, but was published when she was only 15.

Of course, Christopher Paolini, author of Eragon and such, was published (self-published, no less) at 19. He actually started writing Eragon, though, at 15.

Kody Keplinger was published when she was 18, and she is now 19 (I think). She is the author of The DUFF.

S.E. Hinton, introvert author of the amazing book that is now read in grade nine high school classes across Canada was 19 when she published The Outsiders.

Comedic Canadian author Gordon Korman was 14 when he published his first book with Scholastic, This Can't Be Happening At Macdonald Hall.

Another Canadian, Kenneth Oppel (author of the Silverwings series), was 18 when he had his first book published.

Jessica Dunn and Daneille Dunn started writing the first edition of A Teen's Guide to Getting Published when they were in eigth grade, and were published by the time they were 15.

Lara Fox and Hilary Frankel wrote a book about teens and parent communication called Breaking the Code when they were sixteen.

Some actual teen writers who are trying to make it out there! (...in no particular order)

-Taryn Albright, 18 years old, of Seattle and part of the Noveltee(n) group!
-Aleeza Rauf, 17, from Pakistan, writer and reviewer and fun person.
-Emilia Plater, 17, who is represented by Suzie Townsend of Fineprint Lit. She is a cool gal. (And when I googled her trying to find her blog address, a wikipedia page of Countess Emilia Plater came up. Haha!)
-Britany Clarke, 17, I just started following so I can say much!
-Amanda Kurka, 17, who is inspiring, and likes red pandas.
-Kate Coursey, 18, and winner of the 2010 Scholastic PUSH Novel Contest.
-Anna W. Waggener, also winner of the PUSH Novel Contest but for 2008.
-Emery Grey, 18, and believes grey is spelled with an e.
-Kat Zhang, 17, soon to be published by HarperChildren's!
-Yahong Chi, 14 year old (I think) Canadian teen who reviews stuff!
-André Geleynse, 16 from Canada! Also part of Noveltee(n).
-I'm sorry but... me. :D I'm sixteen (seventeen as of today, actually) and Canadian!!

-Teen Ink is a huge site where you can post work like art, poems, short stories, etc. Some of them are selected for publication in their monthly magazine, but there are TONS of submissions there.
-I am not familiar with InkPop, but I believe it is similar to Teen Ink in that you can post whatever writing for all to see. There is also contests. You'd have to visit the site to get more info, though!
-Speak Up Press is an online teen literary journal, looking for submissions of fiction, nonfiction and poetry from 13-19 year olds.
-The Claremont Review is an awesome magazine published twice a year that showcases amazing writing. I'm sorry but submissions are only open to Canadians, but everyone else should buy it just because the writing in this journal is so good!
-OH NO Okay I was going to post the link to the lovely Canadian What If? Magazine where I got MY first publication, but it's ENDING!! :( Sad face. Oh well. You can still check out some work on there, though.
-Every so often Paper Hangover, a newer blog on the writing blogosphere, will post teen interviews. They're kinda fun!
-Wet Ink Magazine is another Canadian arts magazine,written by and for teens! All of it is online, though. Check out the submission guidelines.
-Check out the new blog by teens, Noveltee(n)! All the contributors there seem really interesting from what I have gathered so far!

Along with visiting all the links above, there are lots of ways for young writers to get published without actually GETTING PUBLISHED. (The capital letters to mean, publishing a real book with a real publisher, agent, etc, etc).

Blogs are an awesome way to do that, but I find there are tons of teen writer ezines and magazines that love to publish young writers' works. To find them, you just have to look for them. (And when you find them, send the link to me so I can add it to this link mass!) Also if you look for them I'm sure there are tons of contests for young writers in the area where you live.

Another fun thing I like to do is e-mail authors, especially ones that aren't crazy famous like J.K. Rowling or Gordon Korman. They probably don't get as many e-mails so they'll be more likely to reply to you. This seems like a very little kid thing to do, but I like it. :)

So, teens (and other people too!), be encouraged! Don't give up! All these awesome guys didn't!

That said...

Please comment with suggestions of links and people that I can add to any of the above categories!!

*Note: the links for the authors that were published at a young age aren't necessarily blogs, but wikipedia pages or biographies because either I figure the main thing you'd want to know is more about them, or I couldn't find any other link!


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