Wednesday, May 11, 2011

RTW: Listening Love

Today in history class we listened to a half hour audio documentary. There's something extremely relaxing about just closing your eyes, listening, and just imagining all the pictures in your head as opposed to the pictures being given to you. We live in a very visual world, and it's nice sometimes to enjoy our other senses.

ANYWAY today at YA Highway for Road Trip Wednesday they are asking who should narrate your audio book.

I don't have a specific WIP in mind to be narrated, but I definitely think that whatever book is narrated, it should be done by someone with a nice voice. A voice that is enjoyable to listen to. So I thought of two voices.


Tahereh Mafi. This is odd, but when I listened to her recording of her pronouncing her name I was amazed at how pretty her voice was. :) Yes, I know it's weird.


Aslan. Otherwise known as Liam Neeson, the guy who voices Aslan of the Chronicles of Narnia in the films. I think Aslan's voice was perfect in the films, so I would want the narration to be in the same style. Although if the real Aslan could somehow narrate my novel, I'm sure his voice would be pretty awesome.


Whose voices would you like to listen to as they narrate a book?


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