Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Today I'll get out my broom and sweep some boring Dust Bunnies out of the way for you (by the way, who else was terrified of the dust bunnies in Molly and the Big Comfy Couch when they were younger?)... so yeah be prepared for some boring stuff that I should've probably done awhile ago.

Agenda Item Letter A:

THANK YOU FOLLOWERS (and readers). This is long overdue and I haven't acknowledged any readers or commenters or followers or nothin' yet, so they (ahem, you) deserve some pats on the back. (*patpat*). Thanks for coming and if you ever have suggestions (like if I make a spelling mistake) then just comment nicely! I'll try and update the site/my post/etc.

Agenda Item Letter B: 

If you are new, or even if you aren't, visit my are you new here page.

Agenda Item Letter C:

Some cool posts I've found this week are: This post from Shrinking Violet Promotions, the marketing site for introverts, and this hilarious post that is for all people who cringe at any chatspeak. (This is where I raise my hand determinedly.)

Hmm I don't think I forgot anything... ta-ta!

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