Saturday, November 26, 2011

Book Review: My Unfair Godmother by Janette Rallison

So I said I was going to start doing book "suggestions" although really who am I kidding, yes they are going to be reviews, basically.

So I just finished this book, My Unfair Godmother by Janette Rallison, and it was such a cute read.

Book: My Unfair Godmother
Author: Janette Rallison
Genre: YA Romantic Comedy
Why I picked up this book: I vaguely recollected seeing this reviewed online somewhere... but I remembered the cover.

Here's what it's about:

Tansy Miller has always felt that her divorced father has never had enough time for her. But mistakenly getting caught on the wrong side of the law wasn't exactly how she wanted to get his attention. Enter Chrysanthemum "Chrissy" Everstar, Tansy's fairy in shining, er, high heels. Chrissy is only a fair godmother, of course, so Tansy's three wishes don't exactly go according to plan. And if bringing Robin Hood to the twenty-first century isn't bad enough for Tansy, being transported back to the Middle Ages to deal with Rumpelstiltskin certainly is. She'll need the help of her blended family, her wits, and especially the cute police chief's son to stop the gold-spinning story from spinning wildly out of control.

So I didn't actually read the book flap before I read this book, so I was unexpectedly surprised with all the weird twists and turns... I completely did not expect for the majority of the book to be set in the Middle Ages. It was good, though, that I couldn't follow what was happening. That bugs me sometimes, when the problem is obvious from the start and it's pretty clear how everything is going to play out. It wasn't like that in this book.

I also like the characters. If you like character-driven books, this book is for you. Tansy is fun and spunky; the love interest Hudson has a personality, and Tansy also has a family. I like books with famillies. I especially liked Tansy's relationship with her brother, Nick. (Yay! Siblings in YA. :D)

So I would suggest this book to you if...

-You like spending time with an cast of awesome characters with spunky personalities
-You like fun, cute, funny reads that maybe aren't believable but are still enjoyable
-You are a girl (probably from 12-19 years)
-You want something easy to read just for entertainment

I think this book could also be classified as middle grade, just because it's light and fun and similar to some other middle grade novels. Not to say that young adults can't enjoy it because, well, I liked it... :) I am definitely going to be checking out some more of Janette Rallison's novels.

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  1. I LOVE character-driven novels! This one sounds great! Thanks for the recommendation!


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