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ARE MY IDEAS GOOD!? (or What Do You Want To See?)

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A couple of weeks ago I did go into a blogging "slump" if you will, where I could not think of what to blog for a long time. But that doesn't matter -inspiration comes. And it did, as it always does. But what I realized is that I like variety and creativity, and I want to try new things. (I looked it up on the internet, y'know "new things to try on your blog" and seriously found NOTHING helpful so I will take the initiative and do a post on that soon :D). BUT I also want your input. Here are some ideas and please let me know what you think:

A Monthly Teen-Scene Round-up

One idea I had was doing a round-up of all posts by teens or about teens that may help YA writers and authors get inside the heads of teens, as well as maybe posting about contests and such that teens can enter, as well as maybe new teen authors/writers/bloggers I find. I follow lots of teens and YA blogs that have teen-related features, and I am also a teen. I think this would have to be monthly, though, as for the moment there doesn't seem to be enough material to round up in a week. You can find some other teen-scene round-ups that I've done here and here so you can see kind of how I would do them (I would probably do it more along the lines of the second link where I link to specific posts and not just teens' blogs).

So... would a teen-scene link round-up be helpful to you? Would you like to see me do this? Would you like to see a November teen-scene round-up?

Weekly Ask-The-Teens Question

I was also thinking I could host a weekly (or maybe bi-weekly? monthly?) meme or prompt or whatever that's called (like YA Highway's Road Trip Wednesday) that asks a question that would be helpful to YA writers/authors, and then teens would answer it on their writing or book blogs. For this one, I would need both teen and YA writer/author support. I think it'd be good, though, because both the teens and the YA writers would benefit.

So, teens, would you be open to answering a question on your blog each week that would help YA writers get inside your heads? YA writers, would you like to benefit from having teens answer your questions?

Book Suggestions

Yes, I talk about books on my blog. But I don't talk about specific books that often. I've come to realize how awesome and important book reviews are - when you share about a book, it helps the author grow their audience, and market and sell their book and, y'know, survive. If I become a published author, I want that support. So I've decided I'm going to start doing book suggestions. Not reviews, because everyone has different tastes (I've explained that more here), but suggestions. I won't criticize books as much, persay, but suggest them for people with certain tastes (like "if you like ___, you will like this book because ____", or "you should read this book because ____"). Also this way, I can get word out about my all time favourite books. I'll probably do this weekly, and I'll put one up either this week or next to see how it goes.

So... this idea isn't really tentative, I am going to do it, but still... do you think it's a good idea?

Interviews and Guest Posts

So! If you so please, I would love to interview you or have you (yes, YOU) guest post here on the blog. I am being perfectly honest with you when I say that if you ask to be interviewed or do a guest post here, I will say yes. Just go to the Contact page above to get my e-mail address and e-mail me about your idea, and then we'll go from there. (If you want to interview me or have me guest post, that's great too. :D)

So... would you like to be featured here? E-mail me!

So those are some of MY ideas, but if YOU have any ideas, awesome! Just share in the comments (or e-mail me). Also if something I've done on the blog in the past you really liked, tell me and I'll try to do more of whatever you liked.

So what would you like to see?? I would love it if you could try and tell me your thoughts on these ideas!!

Oh! To make things easier for you, I've made a form. You don't have to answer all the questions and it won't take you very long. If you don't want to fill out the form, please comment! Awesome!

Thank you so much! (You have no idea how happy this form makes me. Organization! Yay!)

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