Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What Winter In Canada REALLY Looks Like: The Stick Figure Version

Hey guys! Well, I have decided that it is time for some more amazing drawings of mine. Right?? Ha. Anyway. The reason why I decided to illustrate my life in the 6 or so months of winter in Canada is because I have to deal with a lot of Canadian sterotypes in my day to day life (okay, not in my day to day life, or really that often at all...) so I decided to show you the truth!

...Although actually it's really pointless since Canada is such a large country and stretches from one ocean to another, so there are lots of varying climates. Like where I live we get tons of snow and cold, yet on the East or West coast (where the oceans are), there's not very much snow or cold at all.

And maybe I just want it to snow already, and I am wallowing in my sadness by dreaming and drawing about winter.


The #1 Question Asked At Halloween: Will this costume fit over my snowsuit?

This is how I feel right now... SNOW!!!

I wish those purple boots existed in my real life... although it's probably a good thing my drawings aren't real life because then I would be a stick figure. And I wouldn't have a nose.

Despite the fact that it snows a lot, we NEVER HAVE SNOW DAYS. Life isn't fair.

One time in middle school there was an icestorm in April and the power went out at school... unfortunately not long enough to justify sending us home. :P

And we've come full circle....

So, folks, that is winter where I live...
What is YOUR winter like?? Are you enjoying some snow right now? No? Is it even winter where you live? :D


  1. Wow. I've never seen a person express how the cold wind in Canada is through stick figures! Perfect (In my eyes). I like this a lot. And to add I really enjoyed the rest of your prior posts. I pray I could read more. You have a new follower, dear. :)

  2. I'm glad you liked it! Thank you so much for the comments, and the follow. :D

  3. This made me chuckle. I'm nowhere near Canada, but the cold still hangs in March. Oddly enough, I love the cold. Or, I have lately. (I have memories of hating it, so I must have at some point.) Perhaps that's because I've never been to Canada.

    I love your drawings! Too cute.

  4. Actually I love the cold too... better than heat, anyway. And cold is perfect for cuddling up inside with hot chocolate and a good book (or tea and writing... whichever). :D


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