Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What A Soccer Obsessed Teenage Boy (aka my brother) Has to Say About Books

After going for a couple weeks (sorry!) without a post, I FINALLY came up with an idea: to interview my brother on what he thinks of books.

Now, why did I want to interview my brother? Well, not because he's a book/writer genius. My brother is very intelligent, but not so much in that area. He's detail-impaired (as you'll be able to see...) and his two loves are soccer, soccer, and cooking. (Okay, three. He's the one who is good at math. :D) Oh, he's fifteen years old, too. (Although he's actually two years younger than me; it's just his birthday is in February and mine's in May.)

No, I wanted to interview my brother just to get an idea of what someone else thinks about the book world who isn't immersed in it as much as we are ("we" being people like me, who stalk book/writer blogs and write stories and blogs like this).

So here we go [My comments in italic]. It might help to imagine him playing a video game while answering the questions, just to get a better idea. Not to mention that's what he was doing what I asked him questions.

Me: What are your favourite kinds of books and why?
Bro: Books Mom picks. (My mom picks most of the books he reads). Not mysteries 'cause I don't like thinking.

Me: What would have to be an element of a book to make sure you read it?
Bro: A sequel. By this he means, the book would have to be a sequel to something else. Clever, hey?

Me: How do you pick books you read? (I mean the ones Mom doesn't pick out).
Bro: Read the back; the cover is interesting, like futuristic; books of authors I like, like Eoin Colfer. I had to ask him multiple questions to get this all out of him, mind you.

Me: What would make you put down a book without finishing it?
Bro: Not interesting/exciting. I got answers like "I don't know" or "I don't remember" when I pressed him to elaborate.

Me: What is your favourite book?
Bro: Artemis Fowl (series) by Eoin Colfer.

Me: What did you think of the idea of the Hunger Games with the whole reality show-murder thing?
Bro: Well, it's what the Greek or Roman or whatever did, except instead of being in the past it's in the future. Sometimes, there's little gold nuggets in there!!

Me: Do you prefer reading about male or female main characters?
Bro: Doesn't matter.

And, just for fun:

Me: Why is a book horrible to you?
Bro: I can't remember.

Yup. Pretty helpful, all that. But I actually realized something. His way of picking books and reading them is a pretty efficient filter. I mean, first it goes through Mom and then usually it goes through me so the book has to be pretty good to get all the way to my brother. And... I totally lost my train of thought.

Well, anyway, another thing I noticed is how he doesn't really let anything affect his reading. He just gets immersed in the story, not really caring (okay, not caring at all) about the point of view, the gender of the character, or any other little things that might bother him about the set up of the story. Things that I might notice and judge, but he doesn't even see. Which is good,  in this case, because then it doesn't affect his actual enjoyment of the reading. He just enjoys them, because they have to be enjoyable for him to read them.

He's probably going to be really annoyed with me for analyzing him, either that or weirded out. Oh well! :) I guess that's just another difference between us. I think the stuffing out of everything, and he doesn't like mystery "cuz I don't like thinking".

Love you, bro!


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