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Early Works Blogfest: My Awesome Childhood in Writing

I think that there is a time when writers are still in their "baby" stage, if you will. A writer is a baby if they've only written a couple of WIPs, and are still going through growth spurts of learning and such. They still have a long way to go, but they'll get there once they've matured or done enough writing. For most people, their baby stage of writing happens when they first start seriously writing, somewhere in adulthood. Since I've been writing since I was five (maybe before that?) it just so happens that my baby stage of writing and my actual childhood line up! :)

Anyway... today I'm going to do a post for the Early Works blogfest that is being hosted by Juliemy here. You have to post about your early days of writing. I'm not going to write about every single thing I've written from the beginning until now, because that would honestly take weeks, but I'll post some excerpts of my favourites. :)

6 years old: I'm sure if you've been following my blog for awhile, you know about Linda and the Dragon. If you don't, click the link to read it. Basically, it's a story about Linda and a dragon (bet you couldn't guess that from the title) and it has absolutely no paragraphs for dialogue and pretty much no punctuation.

appx 9 years old. I wrote a story called "Bear" about a girl who lives with a bear.

 Bear and Girl lived together in a cozy cave. They did everything together. In Winter they slept. In Spring they pranced and danced about the meadow. In Summer they swam and caught fish in the lake. In Autumn they jumped in and out of the fluttering leaves. Girl didn’t know about her life before Bear. She thought that Bear was her life, but in the end she was very, very wrong.

Yeah, apparently I aced the show-don't-tell rule back then... NOT. (But this was one of my favourite stories when I was younger... until I realized that the main idea -a girl being brought up by a bear- was terribly unrealistic.)

appx 8 or 9 years old. So my brother and I were obsessed with these toys called "Bionicles" when we were younger... we still have all the Bionicle movies, I think, and I'm pretty sure there were books, too. Anyway, one time when I was at my grandma's house for the day I wrote a Bionicle story:

A New Island.

“Gali, my sister! There you are,” exclaimed Tahu. “No, my brother, I am here,” said Gali. “Stop sillytalk,” said Lewa. The toa were talking of things to come and things of the past, by the water’s of Ga-Koro. “I feel a great new place coming to be…” said Gali. Tahu rolled his eyes and put his hand on Gali’s shoulder. A deep rumbling sound came suddenly. “Do you know of this earthrumble, my brothers?” asked Lewa...
Haha, still makes me laugh. (Although now I can't really understand it since I'm not into Bionicles anymore....) Also notice how I still haven't learned to make a new paragraph for new dialogue...
13 years old. So I didn't want to clean out the recycling bucket and my dad suggested I write a story about it. So, I did.

Once, a long, long time ago in the year of 2008, there was a girl named Pip. Her job was to clean out the recycling bucket because over time, it had collected lots of mess. Tomato sauce splotches, pineapple juice, and other unidentifiable smudges. It had come time to wash it out.

“But I don’t want to!” Pip complained.

Her father placed the bucket in plain sight on the stairs, but each time Pip passed she ignored it.

“That’s it!” the father said, “I’m going to lock you away with that bucket until you wash it out!”

So Pip’s father locked her away in a tall tower, out in the middle of the desert, with the messy recycling bucket. He also left her with some cleaning supplies just in case she changed her mind, and decided to do what her father asked.

“Never!” Pip declared.

So day after day, and night after night, Pip entertained herself by making up stories. Sometimes she would lean out her tower window and call out across the desert. Sometimes she would sing. There was lots of things to do in the tower, so Pip was hardly ever bored. But what Pip didn’t notice was the bacteria growing in the recycling bucket. Pip had stashed it away in a corner, so it wouldn’t get in the way.

Six more months passed, and then one day something grabbed Pip on the shoulder.

“Finally!” Pip shrieked, “Some company.”

But the hand on her shoulder was not ordinary company at all. It was a monster made from the bacteria in the recycling bucket! Pip turned around, and saw the ugliest thing she had ever seen in her life.

It was a disgusting green and purple and brown colour, and it didn’t have any particular shape. The one thing that was definite about the monster was it’s size. It took up the entire tower room.

“Don’t eat me!” Pip whimpered.

But Pip didn’t have a chance. The monster or thing or whatever it was trapped Pip in it’s massive figure and –somehow- swallowed Pip whole.

And that is the story of the girl who didn’t clean out the recycling bucket.

And... I could post more, but I won't. This is actually really fun... maybe I'll post a childhood story of mine each week or something. :) Anyway, go check out the blogfest and have a great day!

What were some of your old stories about?


  1. Oh dear. I'll admit, in the 6th grade, I was inspired to write a dream-sequence story about getting a chance to meet my favorite boy band group, The Boys, after my classmate wrote one about one of the different group members. We shared our stories with each other and giggled and giggled. That feels like ages ago. le sigh.

  2. I wrote poems. About trees and the rain.

    I did write stories though. Mostly about people falling down holes or something and going on epic adventures. I did write a story about a giant hamster though. Yeah, that one was a bit strange.

    It's nice that you've kept your old stories. I threw mine away by accident :(

  3. How cute! My favorite line is, "'Finally,' Pip shrieked, 'Some company!'" Hilarious!

  4. One of my earliest stories was about a dolphin and a genie. The dolphin got chased by an evil shark at one point.

    I loved reading your story history. :)

  5. Oh. Mygosh. The last line of your Bear story made me laugh *so hard*. "She thought that bear was her life, but in the end she was very, very wrong." Poor Girl, eaten by her own Bear (or, at least that's the way my pessimistic little brain read it, haha).

    And, seriously? I think I want a t-shirt that says, "Do you know of this earthrumble, my brothers?" Bahaha. (All I remember about Bionocles, by the way, are the commercials. They were a little after my time, but now I know they were AWESOME.)

    And my favorite line of the recycling bucket saga: "He also left her with some cleaning supplies just in case she changed her mind..."

    Great entry! Thanks for joining the fun. :)

  6. I love the bear story, it was my fav...and sad day that you had to realize the bear wouldn't have raised the girl--except it was for the best. I kind of wonder what effect Go Diego Go has on my three-year-old, I'm pretty she'd walk up to a bear and try to rescue it or something.


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