Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Soak Time

Rush, rush, rush. Go, go, go!
That's all we seem to do a lot these days. We hardly have time for going, because we're rushing to get, and we've gotta go so we have to rush and we're caught in the endless cycle of rush-go-rush-go-NO-TIME-for-

-bubble baths!

Wouldn't it be nice if we could all just soak for awhile in a tub of watery, bubbly (vanilla-scented) goodness?

Um, yes!

Alright, now, I will apologize because I may have lead you to believe that this post may have included some awesome advice on how to best manage your busy, wacky schedules while squeezing in time for some relaxing bubble baths. And I definitely think people should take time for more bubble baths, but don't ask me how you're going to fit it in between kung fu and your lit essay and and and and...

See, my dad and I were discussing the other day about non-fiction and fiction. I was saying that I'd already read about 5 books this month, and he'd only read two (which is actually pretty good for him), and then he pointed out that he reads non-fiction, and I read fiction.

And he went on to say that because he reads non-fiction, he'll read a chapter, let it soak in for a day, and then read another section, let it soak, and rinse, repeat etc. He explained that it's essential to do this because otherwise you are bombarded with all this new information and if you're bombarded, how much of it are you going to retain after you've finished the book?

Now, I was thinking about this take-time-to-soak exercise, as well as thinking about fiction. Yes, it's important when reading non-fiction to let our brain have a break from being bombarded with facts and information, but I think it's also important with fiction. A lot of hard-core readers like me, and probably you, too, have the tendency to burn through a book because it's so good/suspenseful/interesting and then when we get to the end, we hop on over to the next book because we just can't get enough of those awesome words/stories/characters. (At least, this is what I tend to do and I hope I'm not alone in doing it!)

But maybe after we read each of our intense fiction novels, we should take a step back from the World of Words to soak in everything that we have been feeling and learning throughout. Maybe we aren't bombarded with facts and info during our reads through fiction, but we almost definitely are bombarded with emotions and new ideas, as well as other crazy things! We need time for our selves to process all this stuff we've been learning!

Give your brain a break.

Now, get on with that bubble bath!

Do you take time to let books "soak in" after you read them?

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