Monday, April 18, 2011

Learning Is Awesome (I don't care what you say, it is)

I was thinking today about all the things I want to learn/learn about: French, how other countrys governments work, other cultures both ancient and modern, history of other countries, other languages, how to cook...

I was also thinking about how with so much of this stuff money is involved. Whether it be books, classes, ingredients... it costs. Which sucks.

Yet... there are ways to learn without classes or books or anything! (And I'm not talking about school, either. I mean, who learns THERE? And that wasn't sarcasm, by the way.)

Well... how about right HERE? Yup, you can learn stuff right here at I Am Writer Hear Me Roar. What you learn probably depends more on you and your brain, and other determining factors, but yes, you can just come here, read some stuff and maybe take away some snippets and go "You know what, I learned something. COOL."

So today Teacher Gracie is going to tell you... the origin of the phrase "cop out".

I was thinking of this because I was thinking what I would think if an author killed the main character at the end of a book and left the ending at that, and I kind of figured it's a kind of cop-out because it's an easy ending.


"Cop" was originally an old English slang term, around 1695-1705, that meant "to seize" or "to take" or "to capture" or something along those lines, which is where it came to be used for a policeman or "copper". Then a cop-out became to confess and accept a deal with the police, or really entering a guilty plea which came to be called "copping a plea". This was in the 1940s. And now we use it in pretty much the same sense, except we apply it to getting out of just about anything, not just police stuff.

**So ur ces


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