Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What Makes A Book Great??

I'd already read the whole Hunger Games trilogy once, and since I'd read all my library books I decided to read them again. After reading some just okay books, the Hunger Games books struck me as particularly amazing, even the second time.

There were lots of things I noticed that made these books so, well, great in my eyes.

For one, the fact that it was realistic. I mean, in a way. There's obviously no Districts or Panem or Hunger Games in the real world but that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about the feelings and the characters and even the story itself. The ending was also satisfying in the way that it wasn't (hopefully you know what I mean!).

And, of course, the characters. Especially Katniss. It amazes me how real she is. She's not always on one side or the other, but kind of wavering in between, waltzing to and fro, getting caught in other's actions and lies and sometimes trying to untangle herself from them. I liked how she didn't always seem to be on the "good" side or the "bad side".

In fact, there wasn't a distinct good or evil side. Sometimes this is nice, but in the real world sometimes you don't know what's right or wrong. At least it's uncertain.

I guess my point is, part of a great book is having them be real. There is so much fake in the world, we need our books to reflect reality.

What do you think makes a book great?


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