Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Around the World Reading Challenge

Hello! I found this reading challenge while browsing Twitter one day, the Around the World Reading Challenge 2015. It's a challenge where you keep track of the places where the books you read are set, and then you mark those places on a Google map throughout the year. Part of the challenge is also to encourage people to read more diversely, so that their dots are all over the world rather than mostly just in North America or the U.S. I have to admit that most of the books I read are set in the U.S., just because when you pick up YA books, that's usually where they are set. It's a lot of work to find lots and lots of books that are set in unique places all around the world. 

But, this year I have decided to commit to doing the work of seeking out books with non-U.S. settings. I think I am even going to try to read more books set outside of the U.S. this year than books with U.S. settings. Why not? I think it'd be fun, and a way to encourage me to read more diversely which I'm always trying to do. 

One of the mini challenges in the challenge is to read a book set in each U.S. state, but since I've read lots of books set in the U.S. already, and since I'm Canadian, I thought I'd try to read a book set in every Canadian province and territory instead. I know there are only 13 provinces and territories compared to 50 states, but it is significantly harder to find books set in Canada that I actually find interesting enough to want to read. (Like there are lots of books set in the Yukon but most that I've found so far are historical fiction about the gold rush, which I'm not really interested in).

Anyone interested in joining this challenge with me? Also, do you have any book recommendations for books set in Canada, or just anywhere outside of the U.S.? 

Oh and you can check out my map here, if you want to see where I've journeyed in my reading so far this year! :) 

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