Monday, January 26, 2015

Review: Dairy Queen by Catherine Gilbert Murdock

I picked DAIRY QUEEN up from the library because it was recommended to me on Twitter after I asked for contemporary recommendations. I ended up reading it because I knew it would be an easier read and I needed something fluffier after reading a bunch of intensely emotional books.

When I started this book, I didn't really expect much. I expected it to be fun, and since it was first person, maybe kind of annoying, but ultimately bearable and in the end, forgettable. I was pleasantly surprised, however, when it turned out to be much better than I expected and I didn't have trouble slogging through it at all.

DAIRY QUEEN is about the main character, D.J., and her ups and downs with her family, an annoying football jock from a rival high school who has been sent to her family's farm by his football coach to do hard work, and her relationship with football, a sport she loves.

I've read a lot of first person POV books of young teenage girls that are just irritating. Authors somehow seem to think that as long as the MC is snappy and sarcastic, they'll be interesting, but it's so overdone and frankly boring. D.J. was not like that at all. She was unabashedly herself, and while she was sarcastic, it was just a pure, innocent humor that just made me like her that much more. D.J. was like that person that you meet at school who you can immediately tell they are the sweetest person ever and after five minutes of talking with them you feel like you could be best friends. 

Another thing I appreciated about D.J.'s POV was that she didn't ignore the obvious, like when some first person POV narrators constantly deny that they like their love interest, or other obvious things. D.J. was open and honest about everything with herself, which was quite refreshing.

The best thing, though, was how D.J. came to conclusions about her life and who she is on her own. She wasn't validated of her beauty or whatever by her love interest or anyone else. She was the one who changed her mind, and she was the one that took the initiative to get places and change her own thoughts about herself.

If you want a fun, relaxing read with a happy and silly young narrator like D.J., I'd encourage you to check this book out! 

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  1. I usually find first person POV annoying too. Nice to see someone do the perspective well. DJ sounds like an interesting kid.

    1. I don't mind first person perspective (although I am a little bit sick of it since it's been quite trendy in YA up until the present) but when writers fall back on the same kinds of boring snark that they think is interesting, that's when it gets annoying. It can be done well, though, although of course there are a lot of limits to it.

  2. I love books where the main character figures everything out for themselves. Sometimes people think that a happy ever after ending means a prince charming can put all the broken pieces back together, but that's almost never the case. You just got to fix it yourself, and I like stories about those kind of people.

    1. Yes! It's so awesome. I hate when the girl always looks in the mirror and thinks she's not beautiful until her love interest or whoever comes along and assures her, no, no, you are! And then she thinks she can be... but that's definitely not the way it should work, I think. :)


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