Friday, December 17, 2010

Oh Christmas Spirit, Where Have You Gotten To?

It started this morning with wrapping my friend's Christmas presents and singing Christmas carols at the top of my lungs.

What I want to know is, why the heck am I feeling all Christmas-y now, a *ahem* nine days before Christmas? Sure, there was the initial high when the store Christmas decorations were out, and then when we went to cut down our Christmas tree... but after that... where'd my Christmas spirit go?

I think a lot of have this problem. We are caught up in the busyness, the *omigoshIleftmyChristmasshoppingforthe24it'sgoingtobeSOBUSY*, the homework (for me, at least), and the overall stress. All this just squeezes out the Christmas spirit that makes us happily sigh, "Oh, I love Christmas!" Well, I am going to suggest a solution.

First of all, I would like to provide you with a poem I wrote moments ago to put in one of my friend's Christmas cards:

Once upon a time there was a young boy
He was rosy and plump, with no thought to his future in toys.
What he focused on now was what he should eat
Concentrating oft on next year's Christmas feast.
This fascination with food he never outgrew
Not even when it was reindeer he flew
Yet one fateful night, his belly one treat past full
He stepped on a rooftop, his reinder impatient, waiting to pull
He let out a cry as the shingles started to crumble
Soon after that, his voice was mere mumble
Wide-eyed reinder trampled, nervous, in rooftop muck
And muttered under their breath, "at least this time he didn't get stuck!"

I realize the rhythm is kind off, but I am terrible at rhyming! (If you'd like to see a really epic Christmas poem, go here.)

If you are really clever (and that's okay if you aren't, I still accept you! :D) then you may have figured out I already provided three different ways to nudge our Christmas spirit out from hiding under the still-lingering Hallowe'en decorations. If not, I'll make a list and add some more thing as well.

1. SING! Okay, so you don't have to actually sing, that's just something I really love to do and always makes me feel happier, when I'm walking around the house belting Christmas carols... but, if you're not a singing person, listen to music instead. And remember, you're trying to draw out your Christmas spirit, so how about listening to Christmas music.

2. PRESENTS! First of all, make present-buying and present-wrapping and present-thinking-of something enjoyable not something stressful. Have fun looking at all the different things in stores, and of course when it comes to wrapping that's the BEST PART. I love wrapping presents. The more bows and ribbon the better!!!

3. WRITE CHRISTMASY STUFF! You can write sentimental stuff about Christmas, but believe me it's a lot more fun to write silly, fun Christmas stuff like I did with my poem, and like one of the lovely YA Highway ladies did in my link above.

4. GO BACK TO THE ORIGINAL. I know, I know, it's cheesy, corny, whatever but really, what else but go back to the original meaning of Christmas could bring out Christmas spirit more? Speaking of the meaning of Christmas, you could listen to (or read) Dickens' A Christmas Carol. Scrooge'll show you the meaning of Christmas!

That being said, what is the meaning of Christmas? Since not everyone goes by the whole Christian Jesus-being-born thing (I do; and it kind of makes sense, because he's the whole reason Christmas even exists) I think people need to take their own meanings away. Giving, family, whatever. If you think about it, even Jesus' story emphasizes these points. It was giving a lot to have Jesus become human and live on earth. And God provided him with a family, too.

Now grab a cup of mint hot chocolate (the only way to go), a copy of A Christmas Carol and cuddle up with some Christmas spirit.

That being said,

Merry Christmas .

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