Saturday, December 4, 2010

Young Published Author: Gordon Korman!

Gordon Korman is author of the hilarious Macdonald Hall series, as well as the intense Island, Dive and Everest triolgies, plus a whole TON of other books (he's probably well past fifty by now). I love his books, they are hilarious and he writes for a bunch of different ages, too. You should definitely go check some of his books out of the library!!

But, where did this awesome (might I add, Canadian) author get his start? At the ripe age of... fourteen. His first book, This Can't Be Happening at Macdonald Hall, the first book in the Macdonald Hall series, was published by Scholastic when he was only fourteen! He wrote the book when he was twelve for a grade 7 English assignment. Anyway, he sent his manuscript in to Scholastic because he was the class monitor for the Scholastic book order sheets in classrooms.

He published a bunch of other books when he was a teen, and obviously he went on to become a great success... over fifty published books to his credit! And, just a note... he apparently makes less money than Shaquille O'Neal but more than the French-fry-box unfolder at the local Drive-Thru. (That's his quote, not mine!)

Oh, he was born in Montreal, Quebec in Canada although now I think he lives in New York. Also, if you check out his Top Ten Questions on his site, you'll see how funny he is... like check out the answer to "What did you want to do before you became a writer"?

You can visit his website here or follow his blog here. 

Wait till next time... I'll have a new young published/almost published author for  you!


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