Sunday, March 27, 2011

An Encouraging Post (I Hope)

As a newer blogger, the pages on other people's blogs that say "Tips for Blogging" or "How to Blog", etc, interest me quite a bit. And I read them, and they are helpful -very much so- but they also start me going on a "what if" spin.

I read "People like funny people. Be funny and interesting..." and all of a sudden I'm going: Am I interesting? What if I'm not interesting? What if I'm not funny? I'm not funny! How do I be funny? These things don't come naturally to some people...

And I dissolve into a puddle of worry and doubt, and I realize I should probably stop looking at those How-To Blog posts, and that I need to write An Encouraging Post, telling me as much as other new bloggers that everything's OK.


How to Blog Post: Be funny. Be interesting. Be cool, be this, that and the other thing.

Me: It's okay to be yourself. More than okay. Because if you're not yourself, who are you? And when you're yourself, you'll find that it's easy to be funny, and interesting, and slightly cool and nerdy and maybe a little bit awesome but still able to be serious sometimes too.

How to Blog Post: Blogging is work, blogging is for marketing, you need to work to get an audience, you need to adjust to your readership, on and on and on...

Me: It's okay to just have fun. Maybe you have different motivations, but for me, blogging is about sharing my thoughts on my interests like writing and reading, and looking at other people's thoughts on those same topics. And it's fun for me, writing about writing and reading about writing. Who doesn't like having fun?

So I just hope that will encourage someone in their blogging/writing journey!

And... I would also like to point out some great posts that you should check out, like, right now:

  • Dianna Wynne Jones just passed away, and Neil Gaiman posted about his friendship with her. 
  • Author Corrinne Jackson is holding a contest with cupcake prizes to celebrate all the awesome book deals, etc she is getting. You should also follow her blog... I find I am always inspired by her posts!
  • Writer Claire Dawn has a crazy idea and needs your help - she plans to make a list of 100 Books Every Writer Should Read. Go to the link to read contest details -and yes, there are prizes.
  • This post is awesome. And basically, I believe everything that is said in that post.

Happy spring!

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  1. This blogpost is fantastic. I have these same thoughts when I read one of those how-to articles -- and after a while, said articles all start to sound the same...

    :'( I know this is 2012, but I didn't know about Diana Wynne Jones dying!!! One of my favorite childhood authors. Scrap that, one of my favorite authors period.


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