Thursday, March 17, 2011

Story Week Day 4: Epic Love Story

(Ha! It's still Thursday... barely, but still!)

So, my Grandma and Grandpa (my dad's parents) are very interesting people. My Grandma is social and speaks softly but chatters often and likes parties. My Grandpa has bad hearing, and doesn't talk all that much but sits in his chair during family gatherings and reads his Nora Roberts books.

I have heard their love story so many times, but it's awesome -epic, if you will- every time.

Before I get into that, though... tonight I was watching a video that my dad taped around six years ago of my Grandma telling stories about her childhood. At the end there was a funny conversation with my Grandma and Grandpa which sums up some of their very amusing personality:

Grandma: You know, Grandpa doesn't talk a lot at times and I-

Grandpa (in the background, interuppting): What do you mean, "at times"?

Grandma: And I, when Grandpa and I first met I think I did most of the talking and didn't catch on that he wasn't really starting many conversations.

Grandpa: Still the same, I can't get a word in edgewise!

:) Gotta love 'em.

Now... forward with today's story:

Gracie's Grandparents Epic Love Story

Just because he's interesting, I'll start with my Grandma's dad, whose name was Glen Patterson although everyone called him "Pat" (so when my Grandma was younger she thought his full name was Patrick). Anyway, he ran away to Canada from the U.S. when he was fourteen (I think because his father was abusive). Apparently he liked to make up stories and he would tell people he was born in Hull, Ontario even though he was from the states.

Well, my Grandma's dad was a chef with the military in Canada. My Grandpa came all the way from Australia to train in Canada for the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan. Well, Grandma's dad and Grandpa must have worked together, and Pat invited Grandpa to his house. Which, incidentally, is where he met Grandma. Grandpa might've stayed there for dinners and weekends, I'm not sure exactly. But Grandpa wasn't in Canada very long before he went back to Australia.

Note: not one of their letters. Just an internet pic.
Then, they wrote letters. One of my Grandma's comments from the video is "he was very good at writing letters, he would write pages and pages". I think it is extremely sweet to imagine my Grandpa, who doesn't talk all that much, writing pages and pages of romantic letters to his sweetheart across the ocean...

Well, apparently as they were writing letters they planned to get engaged and married, and Grandma made plans to go to Australia. She took the entire three week boat trip there (the anticipation would be dreadful, I'm sure!) and arrived at the dock in Australia. Only once she got there, she panicked and realized she couldn't remember what Grandpa looked like! She started to worry that she wouldn't recognize him, and here she was, standing on the dock in Australia, miles away from home... but, alas, she did recognize him.

Grandma and Grandpa did get married and they stayed in Australia for five years, having one child (my uncle) in that time. But Grandma was really homesick for Canada, so they moved back to Canada and didn't go back to Australia for quite a long time.

My Grandpa still has his Australian accent, and my grandparents have now been married for over sixty years.

What did I tell you? Epic.


  1. Awwww! I love my grandparent's story, too. My grandfather was set on becoming a priest, until he saw a photo of my grandmother, and it was love at first sight. My grandmother saw his photo, and thought he had beautiful hair... which he started to lose shortly after they got married, LOL. They moved here from Italy and, and it brings tears to my eyes when I think about how they started from nothing and carved a life for themselves and their five children. My family rocks. So does yours :)

  2. That's awesome. I love grandparent's stories... I wonder if my story will be as interesting to my grandchildren!

  3. unfortunately, my grandparents' story (the paternal ones) goes like this: my grandpa's mom came over to my grandma's house to propose for her son. meanwhile, my grandma was fourteen or thirteen, and she was out playing in the mud with her galfriends. HAHA. not exactly romantic, but oh wells.
    on the other hand, YOUR grandparents' relationship is soooo epic-awesome, seriously. absolutely addooorraabble. :)

  4. That's still kind of interesting, Aleeza, if not romantic...

  5. its lovely!! very romantic and speacial! I wish our lifes were as romantic as theirs!


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