Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Story Week Day 3: From Stories To Books (and RTW!)

Today's YA Highway Road Trip Wednesday prompt is...

Who have you written into a book? Be honest.

First of all I have to say a few things: Story Week is the week (this week) that I've taken to tell some stories, to share some stories, and to just overall celebrate the power of the story. Check out my other two posts from this week here and here.

I love RTW, so all this week I've been hoping I could tie the Wednesday prompt into my Story Week... and, well, I can!

See, all these stories we encounter in life: our brother's best friend's dad dying, our best friend going through her parents divorce, our dad's stories of growing up in the 60s and 70s... all these stories end up in our writing. We take little bits and pieces of each one, put them together, add some imagination and make something new and fun. Our writing is influenced a lot by our lives and our stories and other's stories, it would be hard not to write someone into a book!

So, back to the question... I think I've probably written bits and pieces of everyone I know into my writing. A character I named Maggie was based off of my best friend. The better question for me would be who I have written into a book most.

And that person would be...

Me. I'm sure I've put myself more than anyone else into my characters. :)

What stories/people have you slipped into your writing?

Me about four years ago, reading (what else?)


  1. My first young try at a soap opera I named every character after friends - and my mom thought it was a diary - freaked - (I mean think soap opera and all the lovey dovy twists) hehe don't make that mistake!

  2. That's funny... yeah I once wrote a story about music and it had a band teacher in it, and my mom sent it to my band teachers from some reason (I had two) and they asked which one of them was supposed to be the band teacher in the story... up till then, I hadn't thought of either of them as being in the story!


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