Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Answers To Your Questions Part 2

So for some reason, the file that I saved all of the questions in I named "awesometastic atk [ask the teens] questions". Yeah, I have no idea why I thought there was a "k" in "teens". It's a mystery....

Oh and I've decided to personalize Friend. She is now E. (And she is a real person, by the way. She's one of my best friends and I am very grateful that she did this for me!)

Anyway, on to today's questions:

From Stephanie, PQW:

Are teens put off by a protagonist that is younger than themselves?

Me: Nope! I frequently read middle grade and I love it. Character ages honestly don't matter to me at all, especially if they're younger. I think a big part of this is, because I'm a really weird, odd person, then I don't go through the same things that other kids, middleschoolers, or teenagers go through. Lots of situations that are presented in YA are completely foreign to me. But I still like those books because they introduce me to a new world that's a place I can discover and have fun in while I'm reading. It doesn't bug me all that much if I can't relate one hundred percent to characters or books. I don't think anyone can relate one hundred percent to a book anyway, unless they wrote it (though even then...)

E: I LOVE it when the protagonist is younger (or same age) as me. If they are younger especially, I can relate what is going on. When a protagonist is older, sometimes the things they do don’t make sense because I have not experienced that time of life yet. When the protagonist is younger that makes it more fun to read because you can chuckle at mistakes that they make, and sometimes even go “Hey! I did that too!” which is a really cool sensation.

Bro: I'm pretty sure when I asked him this question he said, "What's a protagonist?" but besides that, I don't think he cares.

From Wub2Write:

Are teens turned off by dated slang in their novels? Does it distract the reader?

Me: First of all, the person that asked this question said it is cool that I said "jeepers" and I think that is awesome. :) Yes, it is true that I often use quite old-fashioned sayings like "jeepers" or "oh my goodness". However, sometimes, yes, dated slang does take me out of the novel. A character might say some weird phrase and I'll be like, "what? Teenagers don't say that." Unless the character is the kind of person that likes to make up funny sayings or use old-fashioned sayings (or there is some other reason for it), then I think that dated slang sounds weird.

E: Dated slang. Quite honestly when I read that I read it as “dating” slang. I was thinking words like babe, and honey and such. Very confusing. I get it now! :D I don’t think that dated slang is at all turn off-ish. In fact, sometimes the words that I read in novels I pick up and start using it myself! I think that it makes a book better because if it is all the same slang that is being used now and at my school it would seem too much like real life. For myself, rather than dated slang distracting me, it pulls me into a book, lets me absorb it, because I am not distracted by thinking that “That sounds like Jordyn! And that sounds like Randy!” and so on and so forth.

I know that's only two and I promised 3-4 per day, but I'll get more to you tomorrow, okay? And don't forget to feel free to answer the questions yourself!


  1. I'm interested and pleased about your first answer. It's drummed into us that our protagonist should be a bit older than the age group we're writing for. If I'm writing for 15/16 year-olds then I'm 'supposed' to make my protagonist 18. It's nice to know that's not always the case.

  2. Slang in general distracts me. It might be realistic in real life, but having to read it just comes across as awkward.

  3. Thank you so much for your answers. They really help. Like Sarah P said, we're given 'rules' as writers and I often wonder where they come from. I look forward to more answers.


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