Thursday, August 11, 2011

WARNING: Contains Prizes And Chance To Explore Teenage Brains!

I am now going to take advantage of the only one of the many selling points us teenaged writer-bloggers have: that we are your audience! Well, if you are a writer of Young Adult books anyway. If not, then, well... it'll just be interesting for you to find out more about what other people think of reading!

So. I wanted to give you the opportunity to get inside a teen's head and find out what we look for in YA... basically anything you want to know about us (ahem, not ANYTHING but you know what I mean). So, who will this lucky teen be? ME, o' course. Although I will try to rope a few of my friends/siblings into answering questions as well in order to get a wider opinion. (Not that you couldn't just stereotype all teens with my answers because all teens are clones of each other  well that's a secret.)

Now in case you missed all that, I'll summarize: I want YOU to ask questions! Ask anything you want to know about teens, their reading habits, what we want to see in YA... whatever! (There are some examples of questions here!) I would like them to be good questions (not like "what's your favourite colour"), although they do not necessarily have to be reading or writing related. (Paper Hangover frequently does teen interviews and their questions are not always reading related, yet they are still useful!) Also, all you teens out there who read this note that... this time, you're not allowed to ask questions (well, you can, but they won't count for anything).

To ask a question, just think of a question, and then ask it either in the comments of THIS POST (the one you're reading) OR you can send me an e-mail at kazuntai101[at]gmail[dot]com. Put "Ask The Teens Question" in the subject line. After the deadline for questions, I (and my teen team) will answer them here on my blog... either in one post or multiple posts, depending on how many questions I get. Oh, and I will be accepting questions up until Friday, August 19th. New deadline! Monday, August 22.

BUT WAIT! There's more! Everybody who asks a question who will be entered into a draw to win one of THREE prizes!!

Prize package #1: $25.00 Amazon gift card and a critique (by all the teens who will be answering questions) of anything you want whether it be blurb, first page, etc (max 5 pages).

Prize package #2: The chance to either have you either a) interviewed by me and have the interview posted here on the blog or b) guest post here on my blog... as well as a critique of anything you want (max 5 pages) by the teen team.

Prize package #3: A critique of anything you want (max 5 pages) by my teen team.
*Note that all critiques are optional! (So if you want the gift card or interview but not the critiques, then that's OK!)

ONLY people who asks questions will be entered, and ONLY one entry per person UNLESS you share this on any of your socialnetworking sites and then post the links to where you shared below so I know you've shared... then I'll put in an extra entry for you. So that is max TWO entries... no extra entries for multiple questions (although you can ASK multiple questions, actually I'd love it if you did!) and no extra entries for sharing on multiple media sites (although that would be AWESOME if you did!!!!)

WAIT, TEENS AND NON-QUESTION ASKERS! You people will be entered into the draw as well if you share on your blog/twitter/tumblr/facebook/etc and post the link to where you shared in the comments below! (The same rules apply, though... no extra entries for multiple sites but DO IT ANYWAYS PLEASE!!)

(Jeepers there is way too much information in this post... did I miss anything yet?)

Another thing: if you want to ask a question, but you DON'T want to be entered in the draw then just let me know when you ask your question!!

So, even if you don't feel motivated by the chance to win one of the prizes above then it would still be completely awesome if you would spread the news around! Tell people to come here so they can find out everything they ever wanted about what teens think about books!! And please link back to this post, the one and only! (If you guys are awesome enough with this... maybe I'll hold another contest later... hmm...)

Thank you so much everyone!! If you have any questions at all, then first skim through the summary below and then if you are still confused, just ask!


I'm now going to summarize everything in list form in order for you not to be confused. But if you aren't confused, just skip this part!

-ask questions to real live teens about their interests, lives, reading habits, what they think of YA, whatever! Here are some examples.
-you CAN ask multiple questions! In fact, please do!
-ask questions by commenting on THIS VERY POST or e-mailing me with subject "Ask The Teens Question"! (kazuntai101[at]gmail[dot]com)
-all questions will be answered here on the blog after the question deadline
-ALL questions WILL BE ANSWERED. Guaranteed. (Note that it may take awhile though).
-question deadline is Monday, August 22. 
-teens are not allowed to ask questions (sorry!)

-everyone who asks a question will be entered in a draw to win 1 of 3 prizes (see what the prize packages are ABOVE!)
-Only people who ask questions OR share about this project (including a link to this post!) on any of their socialnetworking sites will be entered in the draw.
-Max two entries per person (one for questions, one for sharing).
-No extra entries for multiple sites or questions... but please do all of that anyway!!
-if you want to ask questions but NOT be entered in the draw, just let me know and you will not be entered!

Spread the word, please!

Ok... I think I didn't miss anything... PHEW!!


  1. Yay, I get to ask you guys/girls a question! Do you prefer edgy reads, and does swearing (not overdone but enough to be realistic to a character) offend you? Thanks for this opportunity!

  2. OK, just to clarify: what do you mean by "edgy reads"?

  3. By "edgy," I mean it deals with some dark, serious situations, like a controlling boyfriend/friend, caving in to peer pressure and compromising values, and the character puts themself in vulnerable and dangerous situations. Drugs, alcohol, swearing. I guess that kind of covers edgy.

  4. I want to know what teens think of authors who like to dress up for their own events in costumes, vampires, steampunk etc. Do you guys view it as fun, or silly?

  5. Haha, okay, I guess that's a no!

  6. Hi Gracie, here's my question. Are teens put of by a protagonist that is younger than themselves (e.g 13 or 14 years old.)?

    By the way, the prize of having a 'teen' critique is more valuable than gold. Thanks for the chance.

  7. First of all, Gracie, I think it's cool, rad, far-out, totally awesome that you say 'Jeepers' in your post. Which leads me my question... are teens turned off by dated slang in their novels? Does it distract the reader?

    And I agree with Stephanie... a teen critique is like gold to writers.

    Good-luck with your writing!

  8. Hi Gracie, forgot to mention that I posted your blog contest on my Facebook page at!/profile.php?id=100000397342051

    Hope you gets lots more questions. This really does help writers.

    Peace, Love, & Chicken Grease (Hahaha... okay, don't ask)

  9. Yay for Stephanie and Maria asking excellent questions. I'm interested in hearing the answer to Kristen's question, too.

    I sent your link, Gracie, to some writer friends, and Maria forwarded it to our other writer friends. So I hope you get lots more questions, and we think this is a great contest.

  10. Obviously I don't have any questions to ask, but I am entering the giveaway anyway. :) So for my extra entry, I blogged about this here: (which you already know about).

    And I know I only get two entries, but I also tweeted about it. My Twitter handle is @Brittany_Writes

    Thanks for doing this giveaway (and the questions for adult writers)!

  11. Hi Gracie,

    What is a common thing that most teens dislike about their parents?

  12. This is so fun! I am posting it to twitter too!

    Hmmm... the possibilities are endless. Ok - I'm going with a little risky questions, but I want to get kind of deep.

    How do you feel about your parents? Do they bug or are you close? Are they nosy or do they give you your independence? What are your preferences when it comes to parent/teen relationships in books?

    Okay, what about sex, drugs, rock n roll? I have been surprised that they are more openly talking about some of these things (ok, really the first 2) in YA novels know. How you do feel about it? Do you think it helps the story? Is it realistic or does it offend?

    Thanks! What a fun opportunity!

  13. Would you rather see a male or female protagonist? Or do you feel that one is easier to relate to than another?

    What about cursing in YA? How do you feel about that? Do you get offended or do you think it can help the story/characters?


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