Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How To Feel Good About Your Baking Skills Even When You Make Mistakes

The title says it all, my friends.

Um. I might have been baking today.  Some yellow slug banana muffins. MAYBE.

You cracked an egg imperfectly and now there's an eggshell in there and YOU CAN'T GET IT OUT.

No worries, you say. Eggshells have got nutrients, like calcium. It's all good.

While digging for eggshells in slimy egg guts, you realize you forgot to wash your hands.

OH WELL, you think. Your family needs to build up their immune systems anyway.

While squishing frozen bananas out of their brown hides into your mixer, you notice how much they look like yellow slugs.

And then a friend shows you this link and you never want to eat banana muffins again. Oh, wait. That's not relevent.

You burn the muffins.*

IT'S STILL ALL GOOD. (You don't pay attention to any COMPLETELY NONEXISTENT tears of frustration). Birds like burnt muffins, RIGHT!? And you forgot to fill the bird feeder last week. ALL. GOOD.

You accidentally inject some sort of bizarre chemical into your muffin mix and everything explodes when you turn the oven on and it triggers THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT aka dragonflies take over the Earth.

I mean, you're dead. But at least there's no mosquitoes, RIGHT??

See how easy it is to keep a positive attitude while baking? Good luck, everyone!

*Disclaimer: I did not actually burn my muffins today. :D They're quite yummy, actually.


In other news... I have received the awesometastic Liebster award from Jenny AND Brittany (teenage host of the teen writers summer blogfest I participated in for July). I will dole that out later.

Speaking of the Teen Writers Summer Blogfest... on the last day we did this "Ask the Teens" thing... and I think I want to do that again. So start thinking of things you want to know about teens & their reading habits! I will have a post with details on that later.


  1. Oh, I am in on the teen questions. I just created some for my nieces to fill out for me. Oh, and slug muffins are quite yummy. I try really hard not to cry when I create a disaster in the kitchen. That's why I usally buy packaged stuff :0)

  2. Haha, this was great. I especially loved "Your family needs to build up their immune systems anyway".

    I don't bake because I'm bad at it, but apparently I'm good at mixing things. :)

    Good luck w/ the teen questions thing- I was surprised at how good the participation was for the blogfest (I expected not to get any), and I think you'll get some good questions.

  3. Haha, I'll keep all of this in mind during my next baking disaster.
    Also, having a teenage brother also helps. He'll eat anything.

  4. @Brittany: Haha... thank you. Yeah I'm not that amazing at baking... but I can follow a recipe. Strangely enough, my brother is the cook (out of me & my siblings anyway.

    @Jenna: You should! And I also have a teenage brother... unfortunately, he's fairly picky. :P

  5. I really regret clicking on that yellow slug link. I think I'm going to take a break from bananas now.

  6. Haha... you're welcome, Brittany. :)

  7. You know the best thing about baking? Discovering your teenage daughter has a talent and a passion for it :)

  8. Haha, this is funny. Those are all things I would do...one time I accidentally broiled a cake instead of baking it. It still tasted fine, though! XD


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