Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Draw Winners!

I decided to perform the draw the old-fashioned way:

With scraps of paper. Except I am horrible at performing draws, apparently. I cut up way too many scraps of paper, for one. (Evidence below).

Then I got my brother, of all people, to pick the winners. He for one was trying to annoy me, and for two apparently couldn't read my handwriting. Anyway, the winners have been picked.


So, here are the winners:

Prize package #1: $25.00 Amazon gift card and a critique (by all the teens who will be answering questions) of anything you want whether it be blurb, first page, etc (max 5 pages)

...goes to.... Jenny!

Prize package #2: The chance to either have you either a) interviewed by me and have the interview posted here on the blog or b) guest post here on my blog... as well as a critique of anything you want (max 5 pages) by the teen team.

...goes to... Lali!

Prize package #3: A critique of anything you want (max 5 pages) by my teen team.

...goes to... Kristin Bailey!

Winners please e-mail me (kazuntai101atgmaildotcom) and tell me what you want critiqued (if anything) and then everything else I will figure out from there. As for the actual questions, I will (try to) post 3-4 questions per day with answers and then I have a special post up my sleeve for the end of it all. Keep checking back to see when your questions will be answered! (I'll be going pretty much in the order the questions were asked on the original post). Also thank you to everyone who tweeted or blogged about this. I'm glad we got so many questions!

Sorry if I kind of don't make sense today... I am quite tired and therefore kind of out of it.


  1. Your arms are tired, huh Gracie? I wonder why.... :D

  2. Congratulations to the winners. Thanks, Gracie, for holding this contest. I'm looking forward to hearing the answers to the questions.

  3. So fun! Congratulations to all of them. This was such a fun giveaway that you did. :)

  4. Thanks for doing this contest. Yay, I won! I'm really excited to see the questions and all the answers.

  5. ohh my god!! thanks for the contest! you are just amazing! love from spain and good luck
    and i´m Lali, yes!


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